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Cover for : George Szell: A Life of Music. Click for larger imageA few weeks ago when Michael Charry’s new biography of George Szell was reviewed in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, and Huffington Post on the same day, I checked Amazon.com every few hours to see how the book was moving up in the rankings.  This didn’t tell me how many books Amazon had sold (it’s always less than I think), but it did indicate that the reviews made an impact on sales.  The book began the morning around #157,000 and eventually climbed to the #2,000 range.

This concentrated clicking on my part obviously made an impression on Amazon’s data collection and suggestion algorithms.  This morning I received a message from Amazon that began:

Are you looking for something in our Biographies & Memoirs department? If so, you might be interested in these items.

The first title listed?  George Szell: A Life of Music by Michael Charry.

My ultimate question:  Did Amazon do that promotion for its own benefit or will that message be charged back somehow to the Press’s co-op advertising account?

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