Montague’s magnificent collection

Cover for MONTAGUE: Burn, Baby! BURN!: The Autobiography of Magnificent Montague. Click for larger imageIn November 2003, the University of Illinois Press published Burn, Baby! BURN!, the autobiography of famed R&B deejay Magnificent Montague.  The June 19, 2011, issue of the Las Vegas Review-Journal features an extensive profile of Montague and his valuable collection of African-American artifacts.

History heaven: books, actual slave contracts, movie and minstrel posters, film, paintings, photos, period magazines, autographs, manuscripts, recordings, sheet music, letters, engravings, dolls, toys, racial comic strips and more.

And its worth?

“Anywhere between $50 million to $100 million in terms of what could be generated in sales,” says Clinton Byrd, a financial services consultant retained by Montague.

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