NWSA/ University of Illinois Press 2017 First Book Prize Winner

NWSA and University of Illinois Press are pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 First Book Prize!

Congratulations to Nicosia M. Shakes who has won first prize for her book  “Gender, Race and Performance Space: Women’s Activism in Jamaican and South African Theatre” which roots the themes of theater activism, performance, and aesthetic labor in the broader non-disciplinary “field” of political pedagogy and in embodied engagements with questions of empowerment. In so doing, the author offers fresh avenues to engage with questions of racialized and gendered violence while pushing us to see theatre as a crucial anti-disciplinary site of feminist knowledge making.

We would also like to congratulate Elizabeth Verklan who received an honorable mention for her book “Objects of Desire: Feminist Inquiry, Transnational Feminism, and Global Fashion” which examines the discourse around sweatshop labour politics and the ways in which it constructs the sweatshop as ‘foreign,’ thereby tying progressive politics to ethical consumerism.


Thank you to the book prize committee:

Richa Nagar, University of Minnesota (Chair)

Ruth Nicole Brown, University of Illinois

Dia da Costa, University of Alberta

Treva Lindsey, The Ohio State University


The winners will be honored at a ceremony during the 2017 NWSA Conference in Baltimore.

NWSA 2017 Conference Registrants interested in learning more may want to attend the session “Introduction to the National Women’s Studies Association and University of Illinois Press First Book Prize”

Fri, Nov 17, 4:15 to 5:30pm Hilton Baltimore, Key Ballroom 3 (LCD)


Past winners of the prize include:

2016 Award: Michele Eggers, Embodying Inequality: The Criminalization of Women for Abortion in Chile

2015 Award: Erin. L Durban-Albrecht, Postcolonial Homophobia: United States Imperialism in Haiti and the Transnational Circulation of Antigay Sexual Politics

2014 Award: Ethel Tungohan, Migrant Care Worker Activism in Canada: From the Politics of Everyday Resistance to the Politics from Below

2013 Award: Christina Holmes, Chicana Environmentalisms: Decolonizing the Body, Nature, and Spirit

2012 Award: Sophie Richter-Devroe, How Women do Politics: Peacebuilding, Resistance and Survival in Palestine

2011 Award: Erica Williams, Ambiguous Entanglements: Sex, Race, and Tourism in Bahia


Please direct all questions and submissions to:

Dawn Durante, Senior Acquisitions Editor

University of Illinois Press

1325 South Oak St.

Champaign, IL 61820-6903


For more information please see the NWSA website.

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