Press Week blog tour: The Future of Scholarly Publishing

UPW-Logo-2015University Press Week has been around since 1978. This week we’re joining other AAUP members to scholarly publishing concurrent with the first annual Academic Book Week (Nov. 9-16, 2015), a program of the UK-based Academic Book of the Future project.

But what will scholarly publishing look like in the future? Technology and economic concerns are both transforming the consumption and production of books around the world. This is a question that is being examined during University Press Week.

A number of university presses are participating in the Press Week blog tour. Each day a group of presses will blog about big issues in publishing or major accomplishments they’ve seen over the last year. Today you can check out entries from our colleagues at ten other presses who are blogging about the changing face of academic publishing.

University Press Week 2015 Blog Tour: The Future of Scholarly Publishing

There are two parallel streams of technological and cultural change that drive the debate over how to publish the best scholarship and in the best way: the model for access to scholarship and the format or process for what many think of as traditional “publishing,” particularly long form scholarly monographs.

Those issues, and the innovations that scholarly presses have developed are sure to make you think of the University Press in a new way.

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