5 things you should read before NWSA


If you’re headed out to Milwaukee to soak up knowledge at the National Women’s Studies Association Conference, you’ll want to be prepared.

That’s why we’ve come up with an essential UIP reading list for NWSA. Here are five books and journal articles that are good warm up reads for the conference you can bring along for the plane, on the airport tram, or even in one of Milwaukee’s fine cabs. By the time the conference starts you’ll be ready to dazzle everyone at the Wisconsin Center coffee cart.


1. Latina Lives in Milwaukee by Theresa Delgadillo. Book signing 4pm, Saturday, November 14 at a reception held in the Illinois exhibit.

Latin American communities have a long history in The Mil. Theresa Delgadillo went to the source—Latina women from across the generations—to tell some of the overlooked stories that shaped the city. The women discuss migrations for work and education or away from violence, their struggles at home and in the workplace, their efforts to build community and secure civil rights, and their experiences as pioneers and participants in activities ranging from business to schooling to philanthropy.


2. “Developing a Nonsexist/Nongendered Language Policy at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire”, Erica J. Benson, Theresa D. Kemp, Angela Pirlott, Casey Coughlin, Quinn Forss and Laura Becherer.

This article in the journal Feminist Teacher discusses implementing nongendered language policies at institutions. Its a wonderful portrait of putting theory into practice. And why stop with reading? We’re celebrating Feminist Teacher’s 25th volume year! Join us for the reception at our booth on Friday, November 13, at 4-5 pm.

3. “Multidimensional Approaches to Examining Gender and Racial/Ethnic Stratification in Health”, Tyson H. Brown and Taylor W. Hargrove.

The journal Women, Gender, and Families of Color brings us this piece examining gender and racial disparities in healthcare.

Levine4. Cupcakes, Pinterest, and Ladyporn: Feminized Popular Culture in the Early Twenty-First Century.  Editor Elana Levine will sign copies of her book at the University of Illinois Press Both in the Exhibit Hall, Saturday November 14 at 4pm.

All of us living la vida mainstream have become aware of the increasing power and influence of pop culture aimed at women. Elana Levine spearheads an exploration of the new century’s proliferation, and embrace, of femme-oriented culture. The writers cover the entire waterfront from mommy apps to celebrity branding, from Kardashians and their watchers to Fifty Shades of Grey and its readers. Celebrity gossip. Lifetime. Gospel and R&B performances. Women’s magazines. Cupcakes. Everything is here, and Elana wants to hand you a copy of the signed uber-knowledge that makes sense of it all.

BrandzelS16*5. Against Citizenship: The Violence of the Normative by Amy L. Brandzel.

*Technically, this isn’t a good warmup read for NWSA 2015. The book doesn’t publish until March of 2016, but if you visit the Illinos Press booth during the conference you can sign up to win a copy. If we draw your name, you have the perfect read to get you ready for NWSA 2016.


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