Pride Month Reading List

This Pride Month, we invite our readers to honor the contributions of LGBTQIA+ activists with this collection of some of our recent books and journal articles featuring a range of experiences within diverse contexts. For more titles, check out the full list of titles in our Sexuality Studies collection.

The Sexual Politics of Empire: Postcolonial Homophobia in Haiti

Erin L. Durban

Compelling and thought-provoking, The Sexual Politics of Empire examines LGBTQI life in contemporary Haiti against the backdrop of American imperialism and intervention.

Visual Arts Research

Big Gay Church VARchive: Decade One by James H. Sanders, III, Mindi Rhoades, Kim Cosier, and Courtnie N. Wolfgang

Big Gay Church exists at the intersections of arts, education, religion, performance-based pedagogies, activism, and queerness. This archive documents a decade of collective queer creation.

Su Friedrich

Barbara Mennel

Su Friedrich examines the career of an experimental auteur whose merger of technical innovation and political critique connects with both cinephiles and activists.

Journal of Appalachian Studies

Taking PRIDE in One’s Community: How Local Rural Pride Events Nurture Queer Futurity, An Interview with Travis A. Rountree by Jessica Cory

Based on an interview with Western Carolina University faculty member and community organizer Travis A. Rountree, this piece examines the importance of Pride events in rural Appalachian communities.

Queer Country

Shana Goldin-Perschbacher

Detailed and one-of-a-kind, Queer Country reinterprets country and Americana music through the lives and work of artists forced to the margins of the genre’s history.

Polish American Studies

The Other Diaspora: Measuring Assimilation Among Polish Gay Men in Chicago by Hubert Izienicki

Migration scholars have traditionally used four measures to assess immigrants’ level of assimilation in the United States: socioeconomic status, spatial concentration, language assimilation, and intermarriage. However, for immigrant sexual minorities, some of these measures have been historically problematic.

Queering Mesoamerican Diasporas: Remembering Xicana Indígena Ancestries

Susy J. Zepeda

A fascinating exploration of hidden Indígena histories and silences, Queering Mesoamerican Diasporas blends scholarship with spirit practices to reimagine the root work, dis/connection to land, and the political decolonization of Xicana/x peoples.

Journal of Film and Video

A Shelf of One’s Own: A Queer Production Studies Approach to LGBT Film Distribution and Categorization by Bryan Wuest

Wuest examines distribution companies with corporate images and business practices centered on LGBT identity, treating their Web sites, catalogs, advertisements and promotions, and acquisition decisions as a series of paratexts that can illuminate the industrial logics and nature of a media phenomenon.

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