Sensing Chicago - Adam MackSensing Chicago: Noisemakers, Strikebreakers, and Muckrakers by Adam Mack has been given an award for Superior Achievement by the Illinois State Historical Society.

The awards committee noted, “This scholarly book offers a fresh look at the dynamics between the working class and establishment during the 19th century. It is a significant contribution to urban studies and a persuasive application of sensory history methods. It changes our understanding of the history and particularly the experience of life in the industrial city.”

Awards were announced at the annual meeting of the Illinois State Historical Society in Springfield, April 23, 2016.

“I think sensory studies can change our understanding of the history urban experience,” Mack author Mack said in a Q&A with UIP last year. “One insight that I hope readers take from Sensing Chicago is that people cared deeply about the sensory landscape of the city—the way Chicago looked, sounded, smelled, and felt.”