University Press Week: Stay on the Scene

UPW-Logo-2015 It may be National Split Pea Soup Week, but it is time to put the green mash aside and get on the good foot. What foot? University Press Week, 2015, the boldest and ice coldest UPW of them all.

UPs around the world are gathering on campuses. They’re gathering online. They’re gathering in the spirit worlds bathed in the shimmering light of knowledge that emanates from the college.

University Press Week 2015 Blog Tour: Wednesday – Design in University Press and Scholarly Publishing

That’s right. We feed the visual among you as we turn it over and turn it on for the people who bedazzle us all with their fine designs. Hop aboard the night train to see what’s cooking in looking at Northwestern University Press and The Mighty MIT. Click it like you mean it on over to this ivy and that ivy and that one, too. Athabasca University Press tears the roof off the mother, KUP is another, and if you handle the excitement, you want Syracuse, brother. Don’t shirk the Hoyas and never forget Stanford equals “enjoyas.”

You know the score. University presses publish the best scholarship from the foremost thinkers Working It Out today. U. Press Week turns the red hot spotlight on what they do to keep that intellectual popcorn popping. Chase the funk out your head and take a tour of blogs that incite, recite, and excite on the big-time issues in publishing and the major accomplishments in the (Get on) UP universe.