Who sealed this book? A mystery.

To keep track of web activity on current University of Illinois Press titles, I set up Google Alerts to notify me as books are mentioned online.  I received an alert yesterday morning about the forthcoming book Sing It Pretty: A Memoir by Bess Lomax Hawes.  A seller on ebay is selling an advance reading copy. I shipped approximately 50 advance copies of this book to potential reviewers and apparently one recipient gave it away, sold it, or has a thriving ebay side business. “satujon,” who are you? Though it’s not preferable that advance copies are offered on ebay before publication, I understand that it does happen. However, this seller is advertising the Sing it Pretty advance copy as “sealed.”  Who sealed the advance copy?  It wasn’t sealed by the printer that manufactures our advances and it wasn’t sealed by anyone at the University of Illinois Press. I wonder …

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