Best of Illinois: Food goes here

Whether you want to feed the mind or the body, the UI Press steadily serves up titles in food studies and culinary history that offer astounding insights on our eats. Indeed, we wouldn’t think of printing a Best of Illinois regional catalog without giving you an opportunity to sample the buffet. Look at these prices. And such large portions!


ClampittS15Hush puppies and hominy. Pone and polenta. Bourbon and biofuels. Maize is the wonder grain that pleases and powers a planet. In Midwest Maize, Cynthia Clampitt blends history and expert reportage to pen the kernel-to-tassel epic of the staff of life that transformed a hemisphere and built a nation.

“A comprehensive, clear-eyed view of the plant that made America what it is today.” —Betty Fussell, author of The Story of Corn “Clearly a work of enormous curiosity and passion, is truly a job very well done!”—Linda and Fred Griffith, authors of Onions, Onions, Onions, winner of the James Beard Award Available February 2015. Pre-order now.



AgnewS14You know you live in the golden age of craft brewing when the India Pale Ale is considered as passe as knee-high socks and Netscape Navigator. How to navigate this brave and immense new world of suds? Set sail with Certified Cicerone® Michael Agnew, czartender of the web site A Perfect Pint, as he samples the best beer sensations at over 200 breweries and brewpubs across the Midwest. Whether you like Belgians, hop-bombs, or German styles we frankly can’t even spell, The Perfect Pint’s Beer Guide to the Heartland offers history, tour info, and a passel of full-color logos and pictures, plus Michael’s exclusive opinions on which beers to try at each location.


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