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Inside Higher Ed points its readers to a Chicago Tribune story on the money spent at University of Illinois, and other schools, for athletic tutors.

The UIUC libraries have generously allowed the University of Illinois Press to close our 90th anniversary celebrations with an exhibit in the Main North-South Hallway of the Main Library. The exhibit features books, journals, audio cassettes, CDs, and other materials … Continue reading

The Kite Runner challenge has been decided. According to The News-Gazette, Champaign’s Unit 4 school board “reversed a committee recommendation Monday night and ruled that the novel The Kite Runner will no longer be used for a sophomore honors English class.”

Savoy. Champaign. Village (1956) two miles south of Champaign. Named for Princess Clotilde of the Alpine Duchy, the House of Savoy, who visited Illinois in 1861 with her husband, Prince Napoleon; the French minister, Baron Mercier; and Mercier’s wife, the … Continue reading

All summer long several of our colleagues have shared lovely produce, most especially sweet grape tomatoes. So much produce was shared that some of it has sat for days abandoned on the break room table, handy toys for the art … Continue reading

Inside Higher Ed reports this morning that the National Communication Association is comdemning the University of Illinois policy of restricting employees’ political speech. And further down the page, in mathlete news, a 13-million-digit prime number was identified.

Inside Higher Ed reports today that University of Illinois employees may “not wear political buttons on campus or feature bumper stickers on cars parked in campus lots unless the messages on those buttons and stickers were strictly nonpartisan.” I’m wondering if we … Continue reading

Having worked for two Big Ten schools and lived in four university towns, I still chuckle at how the school colors can get the fashion juices flowing. Admittedly, the Illini blue and orange offer more possibilities than the Nittany Lion … Continue reading

To continue the blog’s thread on books we’ve started but never finished: I was sitting in our family room this past weekend eyeballing the varying spines on our bookshelves. Infinite Jest is unquestionably the king of the shelves in our house … Continue reading

The University of Illinois Press is hosting the (traveling) 2008 Book Show of the Association of American University Presses, September 8-19, M-F 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Forty-five winning books and thirty winning cover designs are on view in our office. This … Continue reading