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Welcome to the University of Illinois Press’s virtual exhibit for the 2021 Mormon History Association! Step inside our virtual booth and browse new books, journal articles, author and staff interviews, and more. Use promo code MHA21 on our website for 50% off all of our Mormon studies books June 10-13, 2021. Buy three books and receive a free copy of the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies (Fall 2021)!

Featured Journals

All of our journals accept submissions on an ongoing basis. For more information about submission guidelines, deadlines, and protocols for each title, please visit the following links:

Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought
Mormon Studies Review
Journal of the Book of Mormon Studies
Journal of Mormon History

Featured Books

Introducing Introductions to Mormon Thought

This November, we’re excited to be releasing the first two books in our Introductions to Mormon Thought series edited by Matthew Bowman and Joseph Spencer. In this post, they give you a sneak peak at the first books and preview what’s to come.

Let’s Talk

Alison Syring is the acquiring editor of the Introductions to Mormon Thought series. She also handles labor studies, disability studies, radical studies, digital humanities, and more.

Click here to read an interview with Alison on the blog.

Contact her by email here.

Featured session at MHA

Panel title:

Alison Syring
University of Illinois Press
Matthew Bowman
Claremont Graduate University
Joseph Spencer
Brigham Young University
Kristine Haglund
St. Louis, MO
Michael Austin
University of Evansville
George Handley
Brigham Young University

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More From Our Authors

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The Mormon History Association’s Tanner Lectures: The First Twenty Years Edited by Dean L. May and Reid L. Neilson with Richard Lyman Bushman, Jan Shipps, and Thomas G. Alexander

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