The Boston Globe reviews A People’s History of Baseball

Cover for nathanson: A People's History of Baseball. Click for larger imageThe May 13, 2012, edition of the The Boston Globe includes a review of Mitchell Nathanson’s new book A People’s History of Baseball.

“The most enjoyable moment in A People’s History of Baseball comes when Mitchell Nathanson recalls US Representative Newt Gingrich’s strategy for ending the lockout that threatened the 1994 Major League Baseball season. The soon-to-be House speaker suggested that if both sides watched Field of Dreams together, their differences would be forgotten. As Nathanson concludes, ‘[T]he film offered up mythology as history, something Gingrich himself endorsed.’. . . A People’s History of Baseball provides vigorous and fascinating challenges to the ways in which fans have related to a game that he says has been ‘virtually synonymous’ with America for well over a century.”


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