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International Nietzsche Studies

Acquiring Editor: Willis G. Regier
Series Editor: Richard Schacht

This series seeks to publish original works and scholarly translations of important books that contribute significantly to the understanding of the life, work, and influence of Friedrich Nietzsche. Essay collections are not encouraged.

This series is closed.

link to catalog page, Nietzsche and the Problem of Sovereignty Author: Richard J. White
Pub Date: 1997

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link to catalog page, Making Sense of Nietzsche

Making Sense of Nietzsche

Reflections Timely and Untimely

Author: Richard Schacht
Pub Date: 1995

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link to catalog page, Nietzsche's Revaluation of Values

Nietzsche's Revaluation of Values

A Study in Strategies

Author: E. E. Sleinis
Pub Date: 1994

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link to catalog page, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche Author: Georg Simmel
Pub Date: 1991

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