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We are pleased to announce that Mascot Nation: The Controversy over Native American Representations in Sports by Andrew C. Billings and Jason Edward Black has won the Best Book Award from the American Studies Division of the National Communication Association. … Continue reading

On July 4, 1054, an extraordinary event attracted the attention of peoples around the world. A supernova appeared in the constellation Taurus. This guest star, to use a Chinese term, suddenly appeared beside a crescent moon. For the next twenty-three days, … Continue reading

The President does not know the truth. He, like me, has been imposed upon. He does not know that you made my young chiefs drunk and got their consent and pretended to get mine. He would not drive me from … Continue reading

In the second half of the nineteenth century, Americans swarmed to take in a raft of new illustrated journals and papers. Engravings and drawings of “buckskinned braves” and “Indian princesses” proved an immensely popular attraction for consumers of publications like … Continue reading

Often dismissed as a nineteenth-century curiosity, spiritualism in fact influenced the radical social and political movements of its time. Believers filled the ranks of the Free Democrats, agitated for land and monetary reform, fought for abolition, and held egalitarian leanings … Continue reading

Academic publishing often forces one into the unappreciated but necessary job of Killjoy. It comes with the territory of challenging convention and shoveling the cultural/historical b.s. out of the barn. Having stated such an attitude, we perhaps will not surprise you … Continue reading

One staff member volunteered to work on the holiday…

Under These Same Stars, a new film inspired by Carl J. Ekberg’s recent University of Illinois Press book Stealing Indian Women: Native Slavery in the Illinois Country, is premiering in Ste Genevieve, Missouri, on October 25. From the film’s website: “Based on a … Continue reading

Inside Higher Ed has a piece this morning on SUNY Press taking over publication rights for Black Elk Speaks from University of Nebraska Press. “For most university presses, a book that sells a million copies is a rarity. When that … Continue reading

Jack Forbes, author of The American Discovery of Europe, spoke recently to a crowd of fifty patrons at the UC Davis Bookstore.  Tradebooks buyer Paul Takushi captured the event.