Fall 2018 Catalog Preview

The fall 2018 catalog is finally here! This catalog is packed with illuminating, entertaining, and thought-provoking titles  and we’re so excited to finally share them with you!

The gorgeous catalog cover this season comes from Women and Ideas in Engineering: Twelve Stories from Illinois by  Laura D. Hahn and Angela S. Wolters.  Some fifty odd years ago we published Men and Ideas in Engineering. So we were thrilled when Laura and Angela approached us about creating a volume that highlights the contributions of women in the field. The engineering girl statue was erected on our campus last year after four years of effort from student Sakshi Srivastava to break the bronze ceiling. It’s the perfect symbol for the second catalog of our centennial year.

Our lead title is the first ever global history of hockey by Stephen Hardy and Andrew C. Holman.

Hockey: A Global History draws on twenty-five years of research to present THE monumental end-to-end history of the sport. The authors follow hockey’s history from modern hockey’s “birth” in Montreal, its migration from Canada south to the United States and east to Europe, to the game of today, where men and women at all levels of play lace ’em up on the shinny ponds of Saskatchewan, the wide ice of the Olympics, and across the breadth of Asia.

We also have two forthcoming essential biographies of music greats. Tom Ewing’s long awaited portrait of bluegrass man Bill Monroe will grace shelves this September along with Michael D. Doubler’s Dixie Dewdrop: The Uncle Dave Macon Story, which brings the grandfather of country music to life. And don’t forget to check out Wayne C. Temple’s biography of Noah Brooks, which tells the unknown story of one of Lincoln’s closest friendships.







We also have some great new books coming out in film studies, including the first-ever study of the directing duo Lana and Lily Wachowski  in our Contemporary film Director’s series, which celebrates 15 years this year, and the first of two collections of interviews from film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum. And in sexuality studies, Laura Helen Marks investigates the contradictions and seesawing gender dynamics in Victorian-inspired adult films.






And that’s just in the first few pages! We also have a second edition of of Richard T. Hughes classic Myths America Lives By, the first musical biography of medieval composer Hildegard von Bingen,  an investigation of feminism, conservatism and conspiracy in the heartland from Erin M. Kempker and five new titles in the Working Class in American History series, which will celebrate it’s 40th anniversary this fall.

So if you haven’t had a chance yet, grab a cup of coffee and peruse our new catalog to check out these wonderful titles.




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