UIP & 3 Fields Books Awarded Best of Illinois History Awards

We are pleased to announce that three of our titles have won awards from the Illinois State Historical Society 2022 Best of Illinois History Awards at the Annual Meeting and Luncheon on Saturday, April 9, 2022.

Punks in Peoria: Making a Scene in the American Heartland by Jonathan Wright and Dawson Barrett – Russell P. Strange Memorial Book of the Year Award

“An excellent exploration of how place impacts culture, and how a subculture arises. Compellingly shows how subculture functions internally and in conversation and in opposition to the mainstream. Excellent use of primary sources.”

“A surprisingly solid study, offering multitudinous perspectives on music, class, economics, culture, politics, and urban history as well in 20th century Illinois. While not necessarily a scholarly tome, it nevertheless surpasses all other books submitted this year.”

Exploring The Land of Lincoln: The Essential Guide to Illinois Historic Sites by Charles Titus – Superior Achievement Award

“Charles Titus explores the geographic history of Illinois from pre-Columbian to modern history. While not a comprehensive history, the volume offers a learned and useful survey of historical travel in the Prairie State.”  

“An easy-to-use travel guide, with mile markers and maps, both well-written and informative. Much more than a travel book!”  

Dangerous Ideas on Campus: Sex, Conspiracy, and Academic Freedom in the Age of JFK by Matthew Ehrlich – Superior Achievement Award

“An excellent and engaging look at issues of academic freedom at the University of Illinois during a period when many people overlook the simmering discontent on college campuses. Well-written and engaging, Ehrlich’s book is of interest to scholars of the Cold War, the 1960s, higher educations, and to a general public seeking to understand issues of free speech we still grapple with today.”  

“In our fraught times, this well-argued book presents a case study that has much to say about the ‘culture wars’ on campus then and now.”  


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