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Ethelene Whitmire┬áis an associate professor of library and information studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She answered some questions about her book┬áRegina Anderson Andrews, Harlem Renaissance Librarian. Q: Who was Regina Anderson Andrews and what role did she have in … Continue reading

  The media geniuses at 360Cities have produced a 40 gigapixel image of the Strahov Monastery Library in the Czech Republic. Link to the 360Cities image. Via Boing Boing.

My favorite story of the last couple of weeks is about Watson, the I.B.M. supercomputer who’s been working out on pro-grade Jeopardy players in real-time test matches. The idea is to fine tune him for a series of televised matches … Continue reading

A blogger at The Urbana Free Library compares the fate of the wondrous library in ancient Alexandria with the squeeze being put on today’s public libraries in the wake of the global recession. We may not be forced from our positions at … Continue reading

In today’s Dream Job category, we have the University Library at California Santa Cruz seeking to fill the Grateful Dead Archivist position. So: perfect opportunity to sport your Jerry tie, or fashion faux pas?