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Welcome to the quarterly Journals UPdate. Looking to catch up on some recent special issues, standout articles, podcasts, and blogs from the University of Illinois Press? You’re in the right place!  

Read on for some of the highlights from the last quarter of 2023.

Special Issues

This special issue of Process Studies offers five revised and expanded essays from a 2022 online conference on HL2’s significance. The topics range from a consideration of Whitehead’s eternal objects, to his ideas on ethics, to the basis of his thought in biology, with other articles exploring his view of function and time and the question of relation and solidarity in his metaphysics. 

In this special issue of Jazz and Culture, Kate Galloway edits articles that examine how we adapt, re-arrange, and rehear the music across contemporary screen media. The contributors also explore the varied ways artists, media creators, and listeners have integrated, rearranged, and interacted with jazz as both a genre and a performance idiom renowned for merging compositional and stylistic techniques with improvisation.  

In this special issue of Public Affairs Quarterly, Richard Epstein and Mario Rizzo present articles on moral, income, historical and empirical approaches to issues in the field. The contributors draw on classical liberalism and pay particular attention to pressure points that recur as obstacles to policy and application. 

This special issue spotlights the impact of sound and music on video game design. Guest editor Kate Galloway presents articles, including one she contributed, that examine soundscapes in relation to worldbuilding, narrative design, and game mechanics. 

During the mid-twentieth century, women made critical yet overlooked contributions to Utah’s visual art world. Guest editors Heather Belnap and James R. Swensen present articles focused on women of the era and their essential work as artists, art educators at all levels, leaders of art organizations and institutions, owners of art businesses, and cultural advocates. 

Educators at many levels continue to connect play, games, and playfulness with critical and intentional outcomes. This issue of Visual Arts Research collects articles offering perspectives on the pedagogical use of play, games, and playfulness and how to transfer these interventions to the classroom.


It’s been a busy quarter for the UPside podcast! JOS Forum on Transgender Athletes – Part 1 and JOS Forum on Transgender Athletes – Part 2 invited contributors Dr. Veronica Ivy and Dr. Ask Vest Christiansen on the podcast to talk through the forum featured in Journal of Olympic Studies Volume 4, Issue 1, with the journal’s Associate Editor John Gleaves. Dr. Ivy breaks down the argument of her article “Trans Women Are Women, and Sport Is a Human Right” in part one and Dr. Vest Christiansen discusses the views presented in his article, “The Negligence of Biological Reality” in part two.  

October was both Polish American History Month and Italian American Heritage Month! To celebrate, we released two podcasts, both focused on journals that were also marking major anniversaries in their publication. The first, 80 Years of Polish American Studies, invited Polish American Studies editor Dr. Anna D. Jaroszy?ska-Kirchmann to discuss the journal’s eighty-year history, her involvement with the journal, the Polish American Historical Association, and more. Then, in Interview: 100 Years of Italica, Dr. Giovanna Summerfield came on to the UPside. to honor a century of Italica, the journal’s amazing editorial team, her goals for the journal, and more.  

As always, you can find the transcripts for our podcast on our blog here: 


In November, the University of Illinois Press participated in the Association of University Press’s UPweek Blog Tour! Check out our participating blogs from the week to learn about our accessibility policies, walk down memory lane and check out highlights from all the conferences we attended, and more: 

We highlighted two of the University of Illinois Press’s Italian American Studies journals this quarter! The first put a spotlight on Richard Sasso, contributor to Italian Americana, and his creative nonfiction essay “Becoming Italian” which appeared in Vol. 40, Iss. 2 of the journal. The second was a focus on the journal Diasporic Italy and provides a reading list of some of the standout work published in recent issues. 

This quarter also saw one blog post with a big editorial announcement: Dr. Cristina Rosetti will be taking over the role of Mormon Studies Review editor! She will be assisted by current co-editors Dr. Quincy D. Newell and Dr. Benjamin Park to publish Volume 12 in 2025 and will assume full editorial responsibility for Volume 13, to be published in 2026. 

Some of our other blog posts this quarter include State History Trivia, featuring Connecticut History Review, Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, and Utah Historical Quarterly; a reading list of articles from our Polish Studies journals, The Polish Review and Polish American Studies; a Finnish Independence Day Reading List with Journal of Finnish Studies; and Celebrate World Philosophy Day with UIP Journals, including The Pluralist, Process Studies, and more. 

While you’re on the blog, find your next read on one of our other reading lists: 

Featured Top Articles

What’s been a highly read article in these journals for the past three months? Many of our journals have content on several different online platforms, so this feature section is only highlighting one top article from one platform (in the case of the below, these are top articles from Project Muse).  

What’s Next UP?

If you’re already ready for more journals news, we can give you a sneak preview of early 2024! In January, we released a podcast on Utah Historical Quarterly in celebration of Utah history month! You can listen to the podcast on SoundCloud, or read the transcript on our blog. Another great podcast to look forward to coming very soon…Journal of Mormon History, in recognition of their 50th volume year!

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