Journal of English and Germanic Philology (JEGP)

Editor: Matthew Giancarlo, Nicole Guenther Discenza, and Kirsten Wolf


Current Volume: 123 (2024)
Issued quarterly (January, April, July, and October)
ISSN: 0363-6941
eISSN: 1945-662X


A Medieval Studies Journal

The Journal of English and Germanic Philology (JEGP) focuses on Northern European literatures of the Middle Ages, covering Medieval English, Germanic, and Celtic Studies. The word "medieval" potentially encompasses the earliest Germanic and Celtic texts; the vernacular and Latin literatures of the Middle Ages in Britain, Ireland, Germany, and Scandinavia; and any continuities and transitions linking the literatures of the medieval and post-medieval eras, including modern "medievalisms" and the history of medieval literary scholarship.

We are pleased to announce Caroline R. Batten's "Dark Raiders: Disease, Sexual Violence, & Gender Performance in the Old English Maere & Old Norse Mara,” published in Vol. 122, Iss. 4, of Journal of English and Germanic Philology, has been awarded the Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship’s Best Article Prize 2022–2023.


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Matthew Giancarlo
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Kirsten Wolf
Department of Scandinavian Studies
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Editorial Assistant
Elizabeth Matresse

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Featured Articles

Awriten on þreo geþeode: The concept of Hebrew, Greek, and Latin in Old English and Anglo-Latin Literature
Tristan Major

“The Game Crooks”: Law, Justice, and the Devils of the Towneley Judgment Play
Britt Mize

The Language of Birds in Old Norse Tradition
Timothy Bourns

Þrymskviða, Þrymlur, and Tord af Havsgaard—a Case of Early Antiquarianism?
Annette Lassen

The Old Norse–Icelandic Hagiography of St Ambrose of Milan: Manuscript Tradition, Sources, and Composition
Davide Salmoiraghi

The Heavenly Field: A Reconsideration of Mother Earth in the Æcerbot Rite
Ciaran Arthur

Enfeoffment to Use, Legalism, and Humanism in Gower's Mirour de l'Omme
Yun Ni

“Rede hit sofft”: John Audelay's Practice of Care
Chelsea Silva

Maritime Least Cost Path Analysis: Archaic Travel Routes in the Upper Great Lakes
Ryan Edward Peterson

Ammonite Fossil from the Hopewell Mound Group: Source and Significance
George H. Colvin; Neil H. Landman

Modeling Diachronic Changes in Site Location Preferences Related to an Agricultural Transition: A Middle Ohio Valley Case Study
Aaron R. Comstock; Robert A. Cook

The Precontact Archaeology of the Michigan State University Campus and the Campus Archaeology Program (CAP)
Susan M. Kooiman; Lynne Goldstein; William A. Lovis; Alan F. Arbogast

Finding Bede in the "Lindisfarne" Gospels: Aldred the Scribe and "beda ðe broema boecere"
Christopher Scheirer

Dominating Demons in the Old English Prose Acts of Andrew
Glenn M. Cahilly-Bretzin

Addiction, Waste(d) Labor, and the Debate of the Carpenter's Tools
Michael Calabrese

Flemish Immigration and Geoffrey of Monmouth's De gestis Britonum
Coral Lumbley

Kumlbúa þáttr, an Eschatological Event: The Traumatic Ontology of Being in Time in Medieval Iceland
Miriam Mayburd

Cato the Icelander
Victor Frans

Dating and Authenticity of Skaldic Verse in some Sagas of Icelanders
Christopher D. Sapp

Translating the Nonhuman Across Old and Modern English Verse
James Paz

Environmental Description and Social Elevation in Torrent of Portyngale
Andrew M. Richmond

Bloodlines: Purity, Warfare, and the Procreative Family in the Old English Bede
Carol Braun Pasternack and Shay Hopkins

Emma, Emperor and Evangelist: The Production of Authority in the Frontispiece to British Library, MS Additional 33241
Kathryn Maude

"This carpenter wende he were in despeir": Misinterpretation and the Nightmare in Chaucer's Miller's Tale
Stephen Gordon

Murder in the Baðstofa: Bathing and the Dangers of Domestic Space in Old Norse-Icelandic Literature
Katelin Marit Parsons

Entering Behind the Veil: Uurd and the Evangelistic Ingenuity of the Hêliand
David Pedersen

Dark Riders: Disease, Sexual Violence, and Gender Performance in the Old English Mære and Old Norse Mara
Caroline R. Batten

Miraculously Cured: On Physical, Sensory, and Mental Difference in the Biskupa sögur
Natalie M. Van Deusen

Wulfstan and his Library: The De officio missae and The Homiliary of Saint-Père de Chartres
Deanna E. Brooks

Beyond the Critical Edition: Beowulf, New Materialism, and the Promise of an Object-Oriented Palaeography
Pablo Scheffer

Medieval Jews, Modern Ballads: Chaucer, "Little Hugh," and "Sir Hugh" of Lincoln
E.M. Rose

OA Content

Reviewed Work: The Romance of Tristram and Ysolt by Thomas of Britain by Roger Sherman Loomis
John J. Parry

Briefe Rudolf Hildebrands

Reviewed Work: Verschmelzung legendarischer und weltlicher Motive in der Poesie des Mittelalters by H. Sparnaay
Alexander Haggerty Krappe

Reviewed Work: Medelpads Folkmål by Alfr. Vestlund
George T. Flom

The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. 23, No. 3

Reviewed Work: Northern Parallels to the Death of Pan by Archer Taylor
Alexander Haggerty Krappe

Reviewed Works: Old English Ballads, 1553-1625 by Hyder E. Rollins; A Pepysian Garland. Black-Letter Broadside Ballads of the Years 1595-1639, Chiefly from the Collection of Samuel Pepys by Hyder E. Rollins
H. M. Belden

Reviewed Work: An Anglo-Saxon Verse-Book by W. J. Sedgefield
Fr. Klaeber

Reviewed Works: Oscar Wilde: A Retrospect by Ernst Bendz; Joseph Conrad: An Appreciation by Ernst Bendz
Delmar Gross Cooke

The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. 22, No. 3

Reviewed Work: Wieland's Attitude toward Woman and Her Cultural and Social Relations by Mathew G. Bach
J. T. Geissendoerfer

Die Behandlung der Lautgruppen We und Wa bei den altnordischen starken Verben
Albert Morey Sturtevant

The Problem of Evil in "Paradise Lost"
Allan H. Gilbert

Reviewed Work: Swift, Swiftly, and Their Synonyms. A Contribution to Semantic Analysis and Theory by Gustaf Stern
Hans Kurath

Reviewed Work: Albion W. Tourgée by Roy F. Dibble
Virgil L. Jónes

The Coming Centennial of German Instruction in American Universities
Julius Goebel

Reviewed Work: Angevin Britain and Scandinavia by H. G. Leach
Henning Larsen

Front Matter

The Legend of Walther and Hildegund
Alexander Haggerty Krappe

Reviewed Work: Knut Hamsun: His Personality and His Outlook upon Life. Smith College Monographs in Modern Languages, III, Nos. 1-2 by Josef Wiehr
Martin B. Ruud

Reviewed Work: The Formation of Tennyson's Style: A Study, Primarily, of the Versification of the Early Poems by J. F. A. Pyre
Edwin Berry Burgum

Reviewed Work: A Study of William Shenstone and of Hiscritics by Alice I. Hazeltine
George F. Whicher

The Old English "Rhymed Poem"
W. S. Mackie

Notes on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Oliver Farrar Emerson

Front Matter

Sieben Briefe Varnhagens von Ense an J. P. Eckermann
Carl F. Schreiber

An Important Coleridge Letter
Walter Graham

Gothic Notes
Albert Morey Sturtevant

Reviewed Work: Ptolemy's Maps of Northern Europe. A Reconstruction of the Prototypes by Gudmund Schütte
Chas. A. Williams

Reviewed Works: Donne's Sermons: Selected Passages by Logan Pearsall Smith; Metaphysical Lyrics and Poems of the Seventeenth Century: Donne to Butler by Herbert J. C. Grierson; Les Doctrines Médiévales chez Donne, Le Poète Métaphysicien de L'Angleterre (1573-1631) by Mary Paton Ramsay
Louis I. Bredvold

Reviewed Works: England and the Englishman in German Literature of the Eighteenth Century by John Alexander Kelly, J. A. Kelley; Anschauungen vom Englischen Staat und Volk in der Deutschen Literatur der Letzten Vier Jahrhunderte. 1. Teil by Erasmus bis zu Goethe, Den Romantikern
B. A. Uhlendorf

Reviewed Work: Margaret Fuller by Katharine Anthony
Julius Goebel

Two Alsatian Patriots of the Sixteenth Century
Ernst Voss

Shakespeare and Aeschylus
Oral Sumner Coad

Some Facts about Anthony Aston
Thornton S. Graves

Reviewed Work: The Position of the Rood en witte Roos in the Saga of King Richard III by Oscar James Campbell
Harold N. Hillebrand

Reviewed Work: The Theocritean Element in the Works of William Wordsworth by Leslie Nathan Broughton
Arthur Stanley Pease

Sir Thomas Browne and R. L. Stevenson
Stuart Robertson

The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. 20, No. 3

Reviewed Work: Shakespeare and the Welsh by Frederick J. Harries
John J. Parry

The Musical Foundations of Verse
Edward Sapir

Nature in Middle English
E. C. Knowlton

Reviewed Work: Die Deutsch-Amerikanische Patriotische Lyrik der Achtundvierziger und Ihre Historische Grundlage by Gottlieb Betz
Erwin G. Gudde

The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. 20, No. 1

Psychological Abnormalities in August Strindberg
Axel Brett

Reviewed Work: English>German Literary Influences. Bibliography and Survey by Lawrence Marsden Price
B. A. Uhlendorf

The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. 19, No. 4

Reviewed Works: Horace in the English Literature of the Eighteenth Century by Caroline Goad; The Influence of Horace on the Chief English Poets of the Nineteenth Century by Mary Rebecca Thayer
E. C. Knowlton

Heredity as Fate in Greek and Elizabethan Drama
Edgar White Burrill

Reviewed Work: Jubilee Jaunts and Jottings. 250 Contributions to the Interpretation and Prosody of Old West Teutonic Alliterative Poetry by Ernst A. Kock
Fr. Klaeber

The Goddess Nature in Early Periods
Edgar C. Knowlton

Reviewed Work: The Life and Works of Friedrich Hebbel by T. M. Campbell
Josef Wiehr

Béowulf Notes
W. F. Bryan

The Players at Court, 1564-1642
Alwin Thaler

Reviewed Work: Kampf und Krieg im deutschen Drama von Gottsched bis Kleist by Max Scherrer
T. M. Campbell

Reviewed Work: The Dramatic Records of Sir Henry Herbert by Joseph Quincy Adams
Harold N. Hillebrand

Zur A-Brechung Im Nord- und Westgermanischen: Das Verhalten des starken Verbs zu der nominalen Flexion
Albert Morey Sturtevant

The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. 18, No. 3

The Origin of the German Carnival Comedy
Maximilian J. Rudwin

Concerning the Functions of Old English "Geweorđan" and the Origin of German "Gewähren Lassen"
Fr. Klaeber

Reviewed Work: The Theory of Environment by Armin Hajman Koller
Josef Wiehr

Beowulf Notes
Fr. Klaeber

The Washer of the Ford
Gertrude Schoepperle

Reviewed Work: The Early Life of Robert Southey, 1774-1803 by William Haller
Jacob Zeitlin

Philosophies of Style
H. L. Creek

Simile and Metaphor in the Novels of Alfred Meissner
Arthur Rollins Graves

Reviewed Work: Illustrations of Chaucer's England by Dorothy Hughes
William Edward Mead

The Artisan and Mastersinger Drama in Nürnberg
Neil C. Brooks

Etymological Notes
H. O. Schwabe

Reviewed Works: Chaucer and His Poetry by George Lyman Kittredge; George Lyman Kittredge by Shakspere
H. S. V. Jones

Reviewed Work: Tsimshian Mythology. Thirty-first Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology, Smithsonian Institute, 1909-1910 by Franz Boas
Martha Warren Beckwith

Reviewed Work: Die Zecher- und Schlemmerlieder im deutschen Volksliede bis zum dreissigjährigen Kriege by Max Steidel
Chas. A Williams

Reviewed Work: Edward Young's "Conjectures on Original Composition" in England and Germany by Martin William Steinke
J. Paul Kaufman

Reviewed Works: Shaksperian Studies by Members of the Department of English and Comparative Literature in Columbia University; Shakespeare Studies by Members of the Department of English of the University of Wisconsin; American Editions of Shakespeare, 1753-1866 by Jane Sherzer; Hamlet, an Ideal Prince, and Other Essays in Shakespearean Interpretation by Alexander W. Crawford; Shakespeare in America by William B. Cairns
Clark S. Northur

The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. 17, No. 2

The Causative Use of Hātan
James Finch Royster

Volume Information

Reviewed Work: An Outline of German Romanticism by Allen Wilson Porterfield
Robert. H. Fife, Jr.

The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. 16, No. 4

Reviewed Work: Poetry and the Renascence of Wonder by Theodore Watts-Dunton
Clark S. Northup

Reviewed Work: Gottfried Keller as a Democratic Idealist by Edward Franklin Hauch
Bayard Quincy Morgan

Shakespeare and Italian Geography
M. P. Tilley

Karl Gutzkow and Bulwer Lytton
Lawrence M. Price

Reviewed Work: The Sounds and History of the German Language by E. Prokosch
Tobias Diekhoff

The Two Versions of "Grongar Hill"
Garland Greever

The Fight at Finnsburg
W. S. Mackie

Traces of the Wars of Liberation in the Second Part of Faust: I
Julius Goebel

E. T. A. Hoffmanns Einfluss Auf Hauff
J. F. Haussmann

The Hellenic Current in English Nineteenth Century Poetry
Frederick E. Pierce

Reviewed Work: Heyse and His Predecessors in the Theory of the Novelle by Robert McBurney Mitchell
S. H. Goodnight

Reviewed Work: Alt- und Mittelenglisches Uebungsbuch zum Gebrauch bei Universitätsvo Rlesungen und Seminarübungen, mit Einem Wörterbuch by Julius Zupitza, J. Schipper
J. M. Hart

Reviewed Work: Pepresentative English Comedies. Volume III: The Later Contemporaries of Shakespeare by C. M. Gayley
Tucker Brooke

Reviewed Work: The Making of Modern Germany by Ferdinand Schevill
Camillo von Klenze

Reviewed Work: Comedies by Holberg. Jeppe of the Hill, the Political Tinker, Erasmus Montanus by Holberg, Oscar James Campbell, Jr.
H. Raaschou-Nielsen

Reviewed Work: The Evolution of Technic in Elizabethan Tragedy by Harriott Ely Fansler
C. V. Boyer

Reviewed Work: Christopher Anstey und der "New Bath Guide" Ein Beitrag zur Entwicklung der englischen Satire im 18. Jahrhundert by Walter Maier
C. A. Moore

Schillers "Lied von der Glocke" Nach seiner metrischen und melodischen Form
Ernst Feise

The Compound Past Tenses in Middle High German as Represented by Heinrich von Veldeke, Gottfried von Strassburg, and Wolfram von Eschenbach
Henry Ward Church

Reviewed Work: The German Lyric by John Lees
H. W. Puckett


Volume Information

The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. 15, No. 1

Front Matter

Observations on the Finn Episode
Fr. Klaeber

Studies in Scandinavian Paleography
George T. Flom

Reviewed Work: Hugo Hermsen, Die Wiedertäuffer zu Münster in der Deutschen Dichtung. Breslauer Beiträge N. F. 33. Heft by Hugo Hermsen
F. Schoenemann

Reviewed Work: The Court and the London Theatres during the Reign of Elizabeth by Thornton Shirley Graves
Joseph Quincy Adams, Jr.

Reviewed Work: Friedrich Schlegel: Die Quellen Seines Wesens und Werdens by Carl Enders
Josef Wiehr

Reviewed Works: Briefe von Dorothea und Friedrich Schlegel an die Familie Paulus by Rudolph Unger; Geschichte der Deutschen Sprache und Poesie. Vorlesungen, gehalten an der Universität Bonn seit dem Wintersemester 1818-19 by A. W. Schlegel, Josef Körner
F. Schoenemann

The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. 14, No. 3

Reviewed Work: Die Balladendichtung Theodor Fontanes mit Besonderer Berücksichtigung Seiner Bearbeitungen Altenglischer und Altschottischer Balladen Heft 15 by Hans Rhyn, Harry Maync, S. Singer
Edith St. Clair Palmer

The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. 14, No. 2

Front Matter

Reviewed Work: Milton and Jakob Boehme. A study of German Mysticism in Seventeenth-Century England by Margaret Lewis Bailey
Lane Cooper

The Main Literary Types of Men in the Germanic Hero-Sagas
Grace Fleming van Sweringen

Volume Information


The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. 14, No. 1

"The Tempest": Parallelism in Characters and Situations
Allan H. Gilbert

The Corpus Christi Procession and the Corpus Christi Play
Hardin Craig

Review: Recent Books on the Mediæval Religious Drama
N. C. Brooks

Queen Anne and Queen Alcestis
Bernard L. Jefferson

Reviewed Work: Poet, Dramatist, Projector by Aaron Hill, Dorothy Brewster
G. F. Whicher

Reviewed Work: Der Fünffüssige Jambus in den Dramen Goethes. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte und Methodik der Verslehre by Leonard Hettich
Ernst Feise

Stuart and Jacobite Lyrics
Franklyn Bliss Snyder

Reviewed Work: Women in the Thought and Work Friedrich Hebbel. A Thesis submitted for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Clara Price Newport
Henrietta Becker von Klenze

Reviewed Work: The Legend of Longinus in Ecclesiastical Tradition and in English Literature, and Its Connection with the Grail by Rose J. Peebles
Gertrude Schoepperle

Reviewed Work: An Introduction to the Study of Old High German by Lionel Armitage
Alexander Green

The Fable "Frosch und Maus" as Found in Luther and Hans Sachs
Eugene F. Clark

The Origin of the Custom of Sitting on the Stage
T. S. Graves

Reviewed Work: The Later Genesis and Other Old English and Old Saxon Texts Relating to the Fall of Man by Fr. Klaeber
William Witherle Lawrence

Reviewed Work: Essays on Questions Connected with the Old English Poem of Beowulf by Knut Stjerna, John R. Clark Hall
Fr. Klaeber

Reviewed Work: Le Roman Social en Allemagne. 1850-1900. Gutzkow, Freytag, Spielhagen, Fontane by J. Dresch
L. M. Price

Reviewed Work: Friedrich Hebbels Auffassung vom Staat by Elise Dosenheimer
Julius Goebel, Jr.

Notes on "The Owl and the Nightingale"
John S. Kenyon

Reviewed Works: Wörterbuch und Reimverzeichnis zu Dem Armen Heinrich Hartmanns von Aue. Hesperia, Schriften zur germanischen Philologie by Guido C. L. Riemer, Hermann Collitz; Nature in Middle High German Lyrics. Hesperia, Nr. 4 by Bayard Quincy Morgan
H. Z. Kip

Reviewed Work: Werke: Gross 8° Gesamt-Ausgabe. Bd. XIX. Phiologica Bd. iii. Unveröffentlichtes zur antiken Religion und Philosophie by Friedrich Nietzsches, O. Crusius, W. Nestle
W. A. Oldfather

Reviewed Work: Althochdeutsches Lesebuch für Anfänger by Joseph Mansion
Tobias Diekhoff

Front Matter

The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. 12, No. 3

Reviewed Work: Das Inzest-Motiv in Dichtung und Sage: Grundzüge einer Psychologie des dichterischen Schaffens by Otto Rank
Madison Bentley

Front Matter

Volume Information

Henry Fielding and the History of Charles XII
John Edwin Wells

Kontaminationsbildungen und haplologische Mischformen
Francis A. Wood

"Commendation" in the Wanderer
Frederick Tupper, Jr.

Front Matter

The Wakefield Group in Towneley
Frank W. Cady

Reviewed Work: A Concordance to Beowulf by Albert S. Cook
Fr. Klaeber

Front Matter

Reviewed Work: Die Romantische Bewegung in der Amerikanischen Literatur: Brown, Poe, Hawthorne. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Romantik by Walter Just
H. M. Belden

The Latin Historia Assenech
George L. Hamilton

The Indebtedness of Madame de Staël to August Wilhelm Schlegel
Emma Gertrude Jaeck

Reviewed Work: Die Rolle des Erzählers in der Epik by Käte Friedemann, Oskar F. Walzel
Hermann Almstedt

Reviewed Work: The Old English Christian Epic. A Study in the Plot Technique of the Juliana, the Elene, the Andreas, and the Christ, in Comparison with the Beowulf and with the Latin Literature of the Middle Ages by George Arnold Smithson
Herbert Le Sourd Creek

Front Matter

Front Matter

Reviewed Work: Grillparzers Werke im Auftrage der Reichs-Haupt-und Residenzstadt Wien by August Sauer
George H. Danton

Tunsberg Bylog. From the Codex Tunsbergensis (Cod. Reg. n. s. 1642 4to (Continued)
George T. Flom

Reviewed Work: Leigh Hunt's Relations with Byron, Shelley and Keats by Barnette Miller
H. S. V. Jones

Front Matter

The Dramatic Unities in England
Louis Sigmund Friedland

Reviewed Work: Etymologisches Wörterbuch der Gotischen Sprache by Sigmund Feist
Arthur F. J. Remy

Reviewed Work: Några Anmärkningar om de Nordiska Verben med Mediageminata by Elof Hellquist
A. Louis Elmquist

Reviewed Work: Romanticism and the Romantic School in Germany by Robert M. Wernaer
Josef Wiehr

Reviewed Work: The Harleian Manuscript 7334 and Revision of the Canterbury Tales by John S. P. Tatlock
Eleanor Prescott Hammond

Brief Notes on the Indebtedness of Spielhagen to Dickens
M. M. Skinner

Frederick James Furnivall
H. S. V. Jones

Reviewed Work: The Eternal Values by Hugo Münsterberg
E. L. Norton

Front Matter

The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. 9, No. 3

Johanna Schopenhauer als Schrift-stellerin
Esther Harmon

Heinrich von Kleist und Wilhelmine von Zenge

Whitman and German Critics
O. E. Lessing

Volume Information

The Noun Stems in the Điđrekssaga, MB., Hand II
George T. Flom

The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. 9, No. 1

Reviewed Work: Vestnorsk Maalföre Fyre 1350. Innleiding: Latinsk Srift I Gamalnorsk Maal by Marius Hægstad
George T. Flom

Zwei deutsche Liederbücher des 16. Jahrhunderts im Vatikan
Charles A. Williams

Reviewed Work: Lenaus Werke by Carl August von Bloedau
Camillo von Klenze

The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. 8, No. 4

Reviewed Work: The Cambridge History of English Literature. Volume II. The End of the Middle Ages by A. W. Ward, A. R. Waller
William Witherle Lawrence

Reviewed Work: A History of Scandinavian Studies in American Universities by George T. Flom
George W. Hauschild

Reviewed Work: Hebbelprobleme. Studien von Oskar F. Walzel. Untersuchungen zur neueren Sprach-und Literaturgeschichte Neue Folge, 1. Heft
Julius Goebel

Reviewed Work: Gottfried Kellers Dramatische Bestrebungen by Max Preitz, Ernst Elster
H. Z. Kip

Front Matter

The Semasiology of German "Laib," English "Loaf"
Clarence Paschall

Reviewed Work: The Cambridge History of English Literature. Volume 1. From the Beginnings to the Cycles of Romance by A. W. Ward, A. R. Waller
William Witherle Lawrence

The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. 7, No. 3

Reviewed Work: German Ideals of To-Day and Other Essays on German Culture by Kuno Francke
O. E. Lessing

Reviewed Work: The Development of Standard English Speech by J. M. Hart
Louise Pound

Errata in Vol. VII, No. 1

Rede am deutschen Tag in Chicago, den 6. Okt. 1907
Gustaf E. Karsten

The Writings of Gustaf E. Karsten

Front Matter

"Christ" 117 and 125b-127a
Allen R. Benham

"Timon of Athens" and the Irregularities in the First Folio
Joseph Quincy Adams, Jr.

Reviewed Work: Beowulf nebst dem Finnsburg-Bruchstück by F. Holthausen
William Witherle Lawrence

The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. 7, No. 1

The Metrical Forms Used by Certain Victorian Poets
Robert Huntington Fletcher

Reviewed Work: Synkretismus by B. Delbrück
George O. Curme

The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. 6, No. 4

Reviewed Work: Zur Schärfung des Sprachgefühls. 200 fehlerhafte Sätze mit Verbesserungen geprüft von einem Ausschusse des Allgemeinen Deutschen Sprachvereins. Mit einer einleitenden Abhandlung: Was ist Sprachgefühl? Warum soll es geschärft werden? by Hermann Dunger
George O. Curme

Reviewed Work: Deutsche Grammatik by W. Willmanns
George O. Curme

Reviewed Work: Das St. Galler Spiel von der Kindheit Jesu by Joseph Klapper
Neil C. Brooks

"Segimer" oder: Germanische Namen in Keltischem Gewande
Hermann Collitz

Reviewed Work: Mittelenglisches Lesebuch by Friedrich Kluge, Arthur Kölbing
Clark S. Northup

Reviewed Work: A Bibliography of Samuel Taylor Coleridge by John Louis Haney
Lane Cooper

Reviewed Works: The Gospel of Saint Matthew in West Saxon by James Wilson Bright; The Gospel of Saint John in West Saxon by J. W. Bright, L. M. Harris
Edwin W. Bowen

Reviewed Work: Methodik des neusprachlichen Unterrichts by Oskar Thiergen
Paul H. Grummann

Reviewed Work: English Literature from the Norman Conquest to Chaucer by William Henry Schofield
H. S. V. Jones

Schnaphan: A Satyre on Franz von Sickingen of the Year 1523
Ernst Voss

Recent German Fiction
Amelia von Ende

A Textual Note to Alexander Scott
George T. Flom

Front Matter

The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. 6, No. 1

Reviewed Work: The Expression of Purpose in Old English Prose by Hubert Gibson Shearin
Frank H. Chase

Reviewed Work: Elementary Swedish Grammar by Henri Fort
Geo. T. Flom

Reviewed Work: Gesammelte Aufsätze by Rudolf Haym, Wilhelm Schrader
Paul R. Pope

Reviewed Work: Norwegisches Lesebuch. Lesestücke in der norwegischen Reichssprache by J. C. Poestion
P. Groth

Reviewed Work: Germanische Sprachwissenschaft by Richard Loewe
Gustaf E. Karsten

Reviewed Work: Studien zur vergleichenden Litteraturgeschichte der neueren Zeit by Louis P. Betz
John A. Walz

Front Matter

Reviewed Work: The Laud Troy Book, a Romance of about 1400 A. D. Part I by J. Ernst Wülfing
Robert K. Root

Corrections: The Gender of English Loan-Nouns in Norse Dialects in America
G. T. F.

Reviewed Work: The Life and Repentaunce of Marie Magdalene, by Lewis Wager by Lewis Wager, Frederic Ives Carpenter
Albert S. Cook

Reviewed Work: Ordenes Liv by Kristoffer Nyrop
George T. Flom

Journal Reports
C. G. O.

Reviewed Work: The Origins and Sources of the Court of Love by William Allan Neilson
Robert K. Root

Reviewed Work: Biblical Quotations in Old English Prose Writers by Albert S. Cook
Fr. Klaeber

The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. 5, No. 1

Front Matter

Reviewed Work: Beowulf by Chauncey Brewster Tinker
Fr. Klaeber

Journal Reports
Charles G. Osgood

The Sources of "Venice Preserved"
Gordon Hall Gerould

Reviewed Work: The Influence of Beaumont and Fletcher on Shakespeare by Ashley H. Thorndike
Martin W. Sampson

Reviewed Work: Goethe's Poems by Julius Goebel
H. Z. Kip

The Journal of Germanic Philology, Vol. 4, No. 3

A Remote Analogue to the Miracle Play
Albert S. Cook

The Middle Low German Version of the Legend of Mary Magdalen
Carl E. Eggert

Etymological Notes on Some English Dialect Words
George T. Flom

The Journal of Germanic Philology, Vol. 3, No. 3

Reviewed Work: Kynewulf der Bischof und Dichter: Untersuchungen über seine Werke und sein Leben by Moritz Trautmann
Albert S. Cook

The Strengthened Negative in Middle High German
Ora P. Seward

The Ballad of the Cruel Moor
Gustaf E. Karsten

The Autobiographical Elements in Piers the Plowman
A. S. Jack

Biblical Quotations in Old English Prose Writers by Albert S. Cook (review)
Frederick Klaeber

An Emendation in the Old English Version of Bede IV 24
Frederick Klaeber

Reviewed Work: The Lamentatyon of Mary Magdaleyne by Bertha M. Skeat
William E. Mead

Reviewed Work: French Elements in Middle English: Chapters Illustrative of the Origin and Growth of Romance Influence on the Phrasal Power of Standard English in Its Formative Period by Frederick Henry Sykes
Albert S. Cook

Reviewed Work: A New English Grammar, Logical and Historical; Part II, Syntax by Henry Sweet
C. Alphonso Smith

The Letters of Edward Gibbon
Oliver Farrar Emerson

George Allison Hench. In Memoriam
Calvin Thomas

A Fragment of the Ancren Riwle
Arthur S. Napier

Reviewed Work: Schiller's Wilhelm Tell by Schiller
Carl Osthaus

Reviewed Work: Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Litteraturgeschichte by Max Koch
Camillo Von Klenze

Notes on Elizabethan Plays
G. L. Kittredge

"Der See" and "Die See"
George Hempl

Reviewed Work: Die Syntax in den Werken Alfreds des Grossen. Zweiten Teiles erste Hälfte by J. Ernst Wülfing
Frank H. Chase

Reviewed Work: Browning's Verse-Form: Its Organic Character by Arthur Beatty
Martin W. Sampson

On the Hildebrandslied
Gustaf E. Karsten

Christ 77
Albert S. Cook

Indo-European Root-Formation
Francis A. Wood

Middle English -WǬ-, -WŌ-
George Hempl

Reviewed Work: Die germanischen Gutturale by Ernst Zupitza
Felix Solmsen

Der Name der Goten bei Griechen und Römern
Hermann Collitz

Germanic Ǣ = Old English ō and Ā̆; And Vowel-Shortening in Primitive Old English
George Hempl

Goethe and the Philosophy of Schopenhauer
Otto Heller

The College Teaching of English
Albert S. Cook