Celebrate World Philosophy Day with UIP Journals

Are you familiar with the philosophy journals published by the University of Illinois Press? For World Philosophy Day, celebrate by learning a bit more about our journals, reading a featured article, and perhaps even submitting your own work for consideration.

American Journal of Theology and Philosophy 

Editor: Gary Slater 

The American Journal of Theology & Philosophy is a scholarly journal dedicated to the creative interchange of ideas between theologians and philosophers on some of the most critical intellectual and ethical issues of our time. 

Featured Article: “Michael L. Raposa Plays with Peirce, Love, and Signs: Review Essay on Theosemiotic: Religion, Reading, and the Gift of Meaning” by Brandon Daniel-Hughes 

Daniel-Hughes works to situate?Theosemiotic?within Raposa’s larger body of work and locate the central contribution of his text, an extended articulation of musement as a form of experimental inquiry and therapy that is defensible in its own right, not just as a preparatory stage of scientific probation.  

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American Philosophical Quarterly 

Editor: Patrick Grim 

American Philosophical Quarterly publishes original articles that advance our understanding of philosophical problems or positions, on any aspect of philosophy apart from history. The editorial policy is to publish work of high quality, regardless of the school of thought from which it derives. 

Featured Article: “Recent Work on Skepticism in Epistemology” by Chris Ranalli 

This paper critically surveys 20 years of recent work on radical skepticism. It explores how philosophers have challenged our understanding of radical skeptical arguments and critically evaluates influential reactions to radical skepticism, as well as explores novel developments of pragmatism. 

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History of Philosophy Quarterly 

Editor: James Petrik 

History of Philosophy Quarterly specializes in papers that cultivate philosophical history with a strong interaction between contemporary and historical concerns. Contributors treat the work of past philosophers not only in terms of historical inquiry, but also as a means of dealing with issues of ongoing philosophical concern. 

Featured Article: “Later Medieval Psychology: Deliberation, Love, and Mental Causation” by Michael Szlachta 

The rational faculties of intellect and will were at the heart of many important issues in the Middle Ages, including the relationship between deliberation and free choice, the explanation of intentional action, and the movement of the body by the rational soul. 

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Journal of Aesthetic Education 

Editor: Pradeep Dhillon 

Journal of Aesthetic Education is a highly respected interdisciplinary journal that focuses on clarifying the issues of aesthetic education understood in its most extensive meaning, welcoming articles on philosophical aesthetics and education.  

Featured Article: “Learning Jazz Language by Aural Imitation: A Usage-Based Communicative Jazz Theory (Part 2) by Mattias Solli, Erling Aksdal, and John Pål Inderberg 

How can imitation lead to free musical expression? This article explores the role of auditory imitation in jazz and uses Berliner’s assumption that learning jazz by aural imitation is “just like” learning a mother tongue. 

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The Pluralist 

Editor: Roger Ward 

The Pluralist upholds the Socratic dictum of self-knowledge and the love of wisdom as the purpose of philosophy. It seeks to express philosophical insights and concerns humanely and with an eye to literary as well as philosophical excellence, but technical papers are welcome. The Pluralist is a forum for discussion of diverse philosophical standpoints and pluralism’s merits. 

Featured Article: “James and Waismann on Temperament in Philosophy” by John Capps 

Perhaps one’s commitment to the “best” philosophical theory cannot be as straightforward or as rigorous as one might wish; perhaps it is akin to some sort of aesthetic judgment; perhaps it’s a function of one’s philosophical temperament. 

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Process Studies 

Editor: Daniel A. Dombrowski 

The mandate of Process Studies is to explore Whiteheadian-Hartshornean process thought at an advanced level and as it appears in related philosophies and theologies, applying the Whiteheadian-Hartshornean conceptuality to a wide range of other fields. 

Featured Article: “From Drive to Value” by Jason Brown and Denys Zhadiaiev 

This article takes up the processual account of drive and its derivations in relation to desire and emotion with an aim to explore the continuity of feeling from internal drive to value in the world. 

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Public Affairs Quarterly 

Editor: Jason Brennan 

Public Affairs Quarterly publishes work in all areas of practically engaged normative philosophy, broadly understood to include normative work on issues of public concern in applied moral, social, political, and legal philosophy. 

Featured Article: “Too Much Morality” by George Sher  

This paper is a critical discussion of the recent tendency to moralize various aspects of life that were previously viewed as private and discretionary.  

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