UIP at Mormon History Association Annual Meeting

We are so excited to attend the 57th Annual Meeting of the Mormon History Association in Logan, UT on June 2-5, 2022! Attendees can find the following books and journals in Mormon studies at the University of Illinois Press booth at the conference.

The Journal of Mormon History examines the Mormon past through a variety of perspectives, including but not limited to Mormon Studies/religious studies, cultural history, social history, intellectual history, reception history, sociology, economics, geography, political science, women’s studies, material culture, race studies, and folklore.

An insightful exploration of the gap between human realities and engrained ideals, Revising Eternity sheds light on how Latter-day Saint men view and experience marriage today.

The Mormon Studies Review (Review) tracks the vibrant, varied, and international academic engagement with Mormon institutions, lives, ideas, texts, and stories.

Engaging and informed, Restless Pilgrim is a groundbreaking study of an important figure in Latter-day Saint intellectual life during a transformative era.

Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought is an independent quarterly established to express Mormon culture and to examine the relevance of religion to secular life.

A fascinating portrait of a Mormon intellectual and his times, Eugene England reveals a believing scholar who emerged from the lived experiences of his faith to engage with the changes roiling Mormonism in the twentieth century.

One of the first books in the Introductions to Mormon Thought series.

Engrossing and enlightening, Vardis Fisher illuminates the acclaimed author’s impact on Mormon culture, American letters, and the literary tradition of the American West.

One of the first books in the Introductions to Mormon Thought series.

Established in 1992 by founding editor Stephen D. Ricks, the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies is the leading venue for scholarly work on the Book of Mormon. The journal publishes research articles, research notes, book reviews, review essays, literature reviews, and interviews focused on the Book of Mormon.

In Prophetic Authority, Michael Hubbard MacKay traces the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ claim to religious authority and sets it within the context of its times.

Utah Historical Quarterly (UHQ)‘s mission, from its earliest issues to the present, is to publish articles on all aspects of Utah history and to present Utah in the larger context of the West.

Vivid and groundbreaking, Mormon Women at the Crossroads merges interviews with theory to offer a rare discussion of Latter-day Saint women from a global perspective.

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