Embodied Care

Jane Addams, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, and Feminist Ethics
Author: Maurice Hamington
American and Feminist philosophy's ethical intersection with phenomenology
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Publication Date
Cloth: 09/06/2004
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About the Book

Until now, ethicists have said little about the body, limiting their comments on it to remarks made in passing or, at best, devoting a chapter to the subject. Embodied Care is the first work to argue for the body's centrality to care ethics, doing so by analyzing our corporeality at the phenomenological level. It develops the idea that our bodies are central to our morality, paying particular attention to the ways we come to care for one another.

Hamington's argues that human bodies are "built to care"; as a result, embodiment must be recognized as a central factor in moral consideration. He takes the reader on an exciting journey from modern care ethics to Merleau-Ponty's philosophy of the body and then to Jane Addams's social activism and philosophy. The ideas in Embodied Care do not lead to yet another competing theory of morality; rather, they progress through theory and case studies to suggest that no theory of morality can be complete without a full consideration of the body.

About the Author

Maurice Hamington is an associate professor of women's studies and philosophy and director of the Institute for Women's Studies and Services at Metropolitan State College of Denver.

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"The text provides an excellent overview of existing perpectives on care."--Choice

"Embodied Care is a thought-provoking book that will be especially helpful to scholars hoping to situate care ethics in relation to other philosophical schools of thought. It also is written so engagingly and clearly that even those new to philsophy will benefit from reading it."--Grace Clement, NWSA Journal