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José Ángel N. came to the United States from Mexico in the 1990s with a ninth grade education. An undocumented immigrant, N. traveled to Chicago where he found access to ESL and GED classes. He eventually attended college and graduate school … Continue reading

“With great eloquence and pathos, N. draws on his daily life and references philosophers from Socrates to Kant to describe the netherworld of the undocumented. He takes solace in his education and his gift for reflection as he watches the … Continue reading

Karma R. Chávez is an assistant professor of Communication Arts and Chican@ and Latin@ Studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is the cofounder of the Queer Migration Research Network and the author of the UIP title Queer Migration Politics: Activist … Continue reading

Maria de los Angeles Torres is professor of Latin American and Latino studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the co-editor of Citizens in the Present: Youth Civic Engagement in the Americas. We asked her some questions about … Continue reading

As the work of civil rights leaders was celebrated during the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, many—including President Obama—reflected on the differences between youth activists today and those in the 60s. Maria de los Angeles Torres, professor of Latin … Continue reading

Saturday, August 24 marks the final day of the exhibit José Gamaliel González: The Artist at 80 at the Carlos & Dominguez Fine Arts Gallery in Chicago. Dr. Marc Zimmerman, editor of Bringing Aztlán to Mexican Chicago, the autobiography of José … Continue reading

Troy Rondinone’s new book Friday Night Fighter tells the story of Gaspar “Indio” Ortega, who was a hero for many Latin Americans as one of the first Mexicans to appear on national television.  Ortega was a standout in the ring during the Gillette … Continue reading

This month, UIP launches a new journal in cooperation with the University of Kansas. Women, Gender, and Families of Color expands the mission of Black Women, Gender, and Families, which has ceased publication. The new title explicitly includes Black, Latina, … Continue reading

On November 7, 2011, we will officially publish Jesus Ramirez-Valles’s new book Compañeros: Latino Activists in the Face of AIDS, which details how eighty gay, bisexual, and transgender (GBT) Latino activists and volunteers living in Chicago and San Francisco have … Continue reading

Leonard G. Ramirez’s new book, Chicanas of 18th Street: Narratives of a Movement from Latino Chicago, with contributions by Yenelli Flores, María Gamboa, Isaura González, Victoria Pérez, Magda Ramírez-Castañeda, and Cristina Vital, recently landed on my desk. The official publication date is … Continue reading