Marketing Nutrition

Soy, Functional Foods, Biotechnology, and Obesity
Author: Brian Wansink
The ins and outs of marketing healthy food
Cloth – $110
Paper – $23
eBook – $19.95
Publication Date: Cloth: 2004; Paper: 2007
Series: The Food Series
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About the Book

Consumer confusion regarding nutrition has led to flopping sales for soy foods, embarrassing rules for expensive Five-a-Day for Better Health programs, and uneaten mounds of vegetables in school cafeterias. The truth is, most efforts by companies, health officials, and parents are disappointingly ineffective in encouraging others to eat more nutritiously and healthily. Brian Wansink analyzes why people eat the foods they do and what can be done to improve their nutrition. Wansink argues that the key to marketing healthy nutrition lies in using new tools of consumer psychology and by learning from other products’ failures and successes. The same tools and tips that have helped less nutritious products rise in popularity can similarly be applied to more nutritious products to reintroduce a nutritious lifestyle. The true problem with marketing nutrition remains with the marketing, and not the information marketed.

About the Author

Brian Wansink is a professor emeritus of applied economics of marketing and of nutritional science at Cornell University.


"Read this book! You will not be able to put it down. You will find yourself nodding in agreement and having countless 'ah-ha' moments when you realize how much you wish this book had been available and required reading for your first nutrition counseling class. . . . This book is a must for everyone wanting to help people be healthier. It should be required reading for all dietetics students and practicing nutrition specialists."--Today's Dietitian

"Highly recommended."--Choice

"While this book does not target chefs, per se, any chef interested in nutrition and how consumers build their eating patterns and determine their food choices will be educated by the anecdotes and informational studies."--National Culinary Review

"This extensive, yet succinct, blueprint for effective marketing has something for everyone."--Gastronomica


"With innovative insights, cutting-edge research, and global best practices, Wansink unravels the mysteries of marketing nutrition and provides ingenious ideas to help improve, encourage, and promote a healthier America."--Herb Jackson III, Senior Consultant, The Gallup Organization

"Well-documented and insightful, Marketing Nutrition is an essential read for those involved in marketing new food products to the twenty-first century consumer."--Peter Golbitz, President, Soyatech, Inc.

"It is critical that the U.S. government recognizes that intelligently focused nutrition-related efforts are important in helping lead Americans of all ages to lead healthier lifestyles. Marketing Nutrition shows how simple solutions can save lives."--Congressman Timothy V. Johnson, United States House of Representatives

"Marketing Nutrition offers a ‘win-win' proposition for all concerned. Insightful companies, health professionals, and policy makers can lead the way . . . in helping people eat better and enjoy food more."--Dr. James O. Hill, Director of Human Nutrition, University of Colorado Medical School

"Professor Wansink has provided a wealth of insights into why consumers eat and behave the way they do. This valuable book should be read by industry marketing professionals and public policy makers alike."--Dr. Ed McLaughlin, Director, Food Marketing Program, Cornell University

"Marketing Nutrition moves theory and research into practice. There are enormous economic dividends for health care providers, public health institutions, and commercial food companies if we are successful in doing this."--Dr. David Mela, Expertise Group Leader, Unilever Health Institute