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African American Studies

link to catalog page AHAD-LEGARDY, Afro-Nostalgia


Feeling Good in Contemporary Black Culture

Author: Badia Ahad-Legardy
Pub Date: March 2021

The past as a building block of a more affirming and hopeful future   learn more...

Being La Dominicana

Race and Identity in the Visual Culture of Santo Domingo

Author: Rachel Afi Quinn
Pub Date: June 2021

Dominican women being seen--and seeing themselves--in popular culture   learn more...

link to catalog page ALRIDGE, The Black Intellectual Tradition

The Black Intellectual Tradition

African American Thought in the Twentieth Century

Author: Edited by Derrick P. Alridge, Cornelius L. Bynum, and James B. Stewart
Pub Date: July 2021

Considering the development and ongoing influence of Black thought   learn more...

link to catalog page BARCLAY, The Mark of Slavery

The Mark of Slavery

Disability, Race, and Gender in Antebellum America

Author: Jenifer L. Barclay
Pub Date: April 2021

Exploring the disability history of slavery   learn more...

link to catalog page CARSON, A Matter of Moral Justice

A Matter of Moral Justice

Black Women Laundry Workers and the Fight for Justice

Author: Jenny Carson
Pub Date: July 2021

A long-overlooked group of workers and their battle for rights and dignity   learn more...

link to catalog page HOLDEN, Surviving Southampton

Surviving Southampton

African American Women and Resistance in Nat Turner's Community

Author: Vanessa M. Holden
Pub Date: May 2021

The local community around the Nat Turner rebellion   learn more...

link to catalog page, African Art Reframed

African Art Reframed

Reflections and Dialogues on Museum Culture

Author: Bennetta Jules-Rosette and J.R. Osborn
Pub Date: June 2020

New ideas on display and diffusion   learn more...

link to catalog page, Autochthonomies


Transnationalism, Testimony, and Transmission in the African Diaspora

Author: Myriam J. A. Chancy
Pub Date: March 2020

A daring new approach to understanding African diasporic culture   learn more...

link to catalog page, Before March Madness

Before March Madness

The Wars for the Soul of College Basketball

Author: Kurt Edward Kemper
Pub Date: August 2020

Idealism, power, and the campaign to monetize college hoops   learn more...

link to catalog page, Between Fitness and Death

Between Fitness and Death

Disability and Slavery in the Caribbean

Author: Stefanie Hunt-Kennedy
Pub Date: April 2020

Challenging how we think about race and disability   learn more...

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