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African American Studies

Womanism Rising

Author: Edited by Layli Maparyan
Pub Date: 01/07/2025

A Blueprint for Worker Solidarity

Author: Naomi R Williams
Pub Date: 01/07/2025

Schooling the Nation

Author: Jennifer Rycenga
Pub Date: 01/07/2025

Advertising Revolutionary

Author: Jason P. Chambers
Pub Date: 02/06/2024

Union Divided

Author: Leta E. Miller
Pub Date: 02/06/2024

Have You Got Good Religion?

Author: AnneMarie Mingo
Pub Date: 03/26/2024

Thunder on the Stage

Author: Bruce Allen Dick
Pub Date: 03/26/2024

Reparations and Reparatory Justice

Author: Edited by Sundiata Keita Cha-Jua, Mary Frances Berry, and V. P. Franklin
Pub Date: 04/09/2024

Black Cyclists

Author: Robert J. Turpin
Pub Date: 04/09/2024

To Advance the Race

Author: Linda M. Perkins
Pub Date: 04/09/2024


Author: Clifford R. Murphy
Pub Date: 07/23/2024

Langston Hughes and the Blues

Author: Steven C. Tracy
Pub Date: 05/07/2024

William L. Dawson

Author: Gwynne Kuhner Brown
Pub Date: 08/20/2024

Playing the Changes

Author: Darius Brubeck and Catherine Brubeck
Pub Date: 07/09/2024

Race in the Multiethnic Literature Classroom

Author: Edited by Cristina Stanciu and Gary Totten
Pub Date: 09/10/2024

Dancing the Politics of Pleasure at the New Orleans Second Line

Author: Rachel Carrico
Pub Date: 10/22/2024

Postconflict Utopias

Author: Tania Lizarazo
Pub Date: 10/22/2024

South Side Impresarios

Author: Samantha Ege
Pub Date: 11/12/2024

Black Women Legacies

Author: Alexandria Russell
Pub Date: 12/10/2024

Jazz Radio America

Author: Aaron J. Johnson
Pub Date: 12/10/2024

Night Train to Nashville

Author: Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
Pub Date: 06/11/2024

Knowing Him by Heart

Author: Edited by Fred Lee Hord and Matthew D. Norman
Pub Date: 12/20/2022

Reading Pleasures

Author: Tara A. Bynum
Pub Date: 01/10/2023

Fear of a Black Republic

Author: Leslie M. Alexander
Pub Date: 12/27/2022