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Labor Studies

What Work Is

Author: Robert Bruno
Pub Date: 01/09/2024

Contingent Faculty and the Remaking of Higher Education

Author: Edited by Eric Fure-Slocum and Claire Goldstene
Pub Date: 01/23/2024

Union Divided

Author: Leta E. Miller
Pub Date: 02/06/2024

The Paradox of Connection

Author: Diana Bossio, Valérie Bélair-Gagnon, Avery Holton, and Logan Molyneux
Pub Date: 02/20/2024

Strong Winds and Widow Makers

Author: Steven C. Beda
Pub Date: 12/13/2022

Harry Bridges

Author: Robert W. Cherny
Pub Date: 01/10/2023

Global Labor Migration

Author: Edited by Eileen Boris, Heidi Gottfried, Julie Greene, and Joo-Cheong Tham
Pub Date: 12/27/2022

The Bosses' Union

Author: Vilja Hulden
Pub Date: 01/24/2023

Purple Power

Author: Edited by Luís LM Aguiar and Joseph A. McCartin
Pub Date: 01/24/2023

Workers of All Colors Unite

Author: Lorenzo Costaguta
Pub Date: 03/21/2023

Behind the Search Box

Author: ShinJoung Yeo
Pub Date: 04/18/2023

Transnational Communism across the Americas

Author: Edited by Marc Becker, Margaret Power, Tony Wood, and Jacob A. Zumoff
Pub Date: 07/04/2023

On the Waves of Empire

Author: William D. Riddell
Pub Date: 07/18/2023

The Ruined Anthracite

Author: Paul A. Shackel
Pub Date: 08/01/2023

The Way We Build

Author: Mark Erlich
Pub Date: 07/18/2023

Public Workers in Service of America

Author: Edited by Frederick W. Gooding Jr. and Eric S. Yellin
Pub Date: 08/15/2023

The Republic Shall Be Kept Clean

Author: Tariq D. Khan
Pub Date: 09/05/2023

Care Activism

Author: Ethel Tungohan
Pub Date: 08/15/2023

Media Backends

Author: Edited by Lisa Parks, Julia Velkova, and Sander de Ridder
Pub Date: 12/05/2023

Ethnic Dissent and Empowerment

Author: Angie Ngọc Trần
Pub Date: 01/11/2022

Working in the Magic City

Author: Thomas A. Castillo
Pub Date: 06/28/2022

The Fundamental Institution

Author: Megan Birk
Pub Date: 04/12/2022

Toward a Cooperative Commonwealth

Author: Thomas Alter II
Pub Date: 04/12/2022

Where Are the Workers?

Author: Edited by Robert Forrant and Mary Anne Trasciatti
Pub Date: 06/28/2022