Journals Q3 UPdate

Welcome to our first ever quarterly Journals UPdate, designed to help you catch up on our most exciting University of Illinois Press journals news, articles, special issues, and more!

Fun Fact: You might have noticed that both this news post and our podcast, The UPside, have similarly styled names. The “UP” represents our pride at being a university press! And be sure to keep an eye on our blog for more #UP themed content from us during the 2023 Association of University Presses Week in November.

Without further delay, here’s a quick rundown of some highlights from the last quarter.

Special Issues

Later Medieval Psychology” edited by Michael Szlachta. History of Philosophy Quarterly Volume 40, Issue 2. 

This special issue of the History of Philosophy Quarterly takes the rational faculties as its major theme. Scholars engage with the thought of figures ranging from Thomas Aquinas and Walter of Bruges to John Duns Scotus and William of Ockham, illuminating not only their ideas but alternative approaches suggested by other thinkers across history. 

Marking Forty Years of American Music” edited by Todd Decker. American Music Volume 40, Issue 4. 

Published in celebration of the journal’s fortieth anniversary, this special issue of American Music presents articles on the current and future state of scholarship in the field. The editors open the pages to scholars from all career stages and even reach outside the academy to add to the diversity of identities and perspectives long associated with the AM community. 

Racism” edited by Ronald R. Sundstrom. American Philosophical Quarterly Volume 60, Issue 4. 

This special issue of American Philosophical Quarterly illuminates the potential for widespread public discussion on current events and controversies involving racism. Guest editor Ronald R. Sundstrom presents articles examining contemporary philosophical debates on the meaning of racism and racism’s immorality before pivoting to discussions that expand thinking about racism into specific areas. 


We had two blog posts recognizing editorial changes: First, we have a new editor for the Journal of Film and Video, Cynthia Baron (pictured here). This post has a Q & A so you can hear right from the editor what she’s looking for in submissions and what exciting content to look forward to seeing in the Journal. Second, we recognize a new Associate Editor, Jeanette Altarriba, and a new History Editor, David K. Robinson, for the American Journal of Psychology

Our post on Visual Arts Research served as both an invitation for new submissions, as well as reflective look on some of the past themed special issues, which typically occur once per year. In our Journal of Olympic Studies Recommended Reading blog post, you’ll find a list of featured articles, each temporarily free to access for a few months so everyone can enjoy—even if you’re not yet subscribed! Keep checking back, as there is a rotating set of articles, and one will be free from now until July 31, 2024. 

If you’re looking for your next article or book to read, the following blog posts might help you find it: 

Featured Top Articles

What’s been a highly read article in these journals for the past three months? Many of our journals have content on several different online platforms, so this feature section is only highlighting one top article from one platform (in most cases the Scholarly Publishing Collective, which hosts our current content).  

*Note this top article is from JSTOR, which hosts archives of the journal’s content. This journal is open access, and you can read online free here.

What’s Next UP?

Well, we’ve got a lot to look forward to as we wrap up 2024. Already as we prepare this round-up, exciting things keep happening in October and we can’t help but draw your attention to the latest news in journals.  

Journal of Olympic Studies Volume 4, Issue 2, features a forum on Transgender Athletes and the Olympic Games. We interviewed Dr. Veronica Ivy about her article “Trans Women Are Women, and Sport Is a Human Right” for Part One of our podcast coverage of this forum, and Dr. Ask Vest Christiansen about his article “The Negligence of Biological Reality” for Part Two of our podcast. Transcripts of Part One and Part Two interviews are available on our blog. 

If you’re looking for a challenge, test your knowledge with some state history trivia on our blog and social media featuring Connecticut History Review, Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, and Utah Historical Quarterly.  

October is Italian American Heritage Month! In celebration of Italica’s 100th volume year, you can listen to our podcast interview with editor Dr. Giovanna Summerfield. We also did a quick Q & A on our blog with a contributor to Italian Americana to accompany an excerpt of his creative nonfiction piece, “Becoming Italian.” It’s also Polish American Heritage Month—so if you’re looking for some reading, check out our blog post on our journals The Polish Review and Polish American Studies.  Coming soon, you will also be able to listen to our podcast on Polish American Studies in which we interview the editor, Anna D. Jaroszynska-Kirchmann, about the 80th volume year of the journal.  

A final sneak peak: in November, we’ll be recognizing our large selection of philosophy journals during World Philosophy Day and posting a Q & A with the editors of the Journal of Animal Ethics

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