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Welcome to the University of Illinois Press’s virtual exhibit for the 2021 American Historical Association extended conference! We hope you’ll step inside our virtual booth and browse new books, journal articles, author interviews, and more. Be sure to use promo code AHA21 for 50% off all of our history titles from December 8, 2020 to January 16, 2021! The exhibit will be available until June 30, 2021.

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Featured Journals from the University of Illinois Press

The Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association (JALA) is the only journal devoted exclusively to Lincoln scholarship.  The journal also features photographs and newly discovered Lincoln letters and other unpublished primary source documents. JALA is the official journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association.

The only academic journal devoted to the history of Connecticut. The Connecticut History Review is a publication of the Association for the Study of Connecticut History (ASCH). The journal publishes twice annually, in the spring and fall.

Illinois Classical Studies was founded in 1976 by Miroslav Marcovich, Head of the Department of the Classics at the University of Illinois.  ICS publishes original research on a variety of topics related to the Classics, in all areas of Classical Philology and its ancillary disciplines

The Journal of Mormon History examines the Mormon past through a variety of perspectives, including but not limited to Mormon Studies/religious studies, cultural history, social history, and intellectual history. Journal of Mormon History is published on behalf of the Mormon History Association.

Utah Historical Quarterly (UHQ) is published on behalf of the Utah State Historical Society since 1928. UHQ‘s mission, from its earliest issues to the present, is to publish articles on all aspects of Utah history and to present Utah in the larger context of the West. 

New Titles in Disability History

Journal of Sport History and Related Book Titles

The Journal of Sport History seeks to promote the study of all aspects of the history of sport. We invite the submission of scholarly articles, research notes, documents, and commentary.

Journal of American Ethnic History and Related Book Titles

The Journal of American Ethnic History (JAEH) addresses various aspects of North American immigration history and American ethnic history, including background of emigration, ethnic and racial groups, Native Americans, race and ethnic relations.

Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society and Related Book Titles

The Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, established in 1908, is the scholarly publication of the Illinois State Historical Society, a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, promoting, and publishing the latest research about the Prairie State.

CILH Virtual Exhibit Beck CILH Virtual Exhibit

Let’s Talk!

Alison Syring is the new acquisitions editor at the University of Illinois Press. She was the Press’s first “Round the Press” intern and was hired as an assistant acquisitions editor in 2017. She handles a variety of fields including radical studies, labor studies, disability studies, and Illinois history!

Click here to read an interview with her on the blog.

Daniel Nasset is the new Editor-in-Chief at the University of Illinois Press. He started as an assistant acquisitions editor in 2009 before becoming an acquisitions editor in 2011. He has distinguished himself with his acquisitions in a variety of fields including history, sports, and American studies! 

Click here to read an interview with him on the blog.

Spotlight on Three Prominent American Women in Music, Black History, and Women’s Suffrage

The Heart of a Woman: The Life and Music of Florence B. Price by Rae Linda Brown is the first-ever biography of Florence B. Price, a composer whose career spanned both the Harlem and Chicago Renaissances, and the first African American woman to gain national recognition for her works. Read more about her and other outstanding African Americans in Chicago in our blog post here.

Libby Larsen has composed award-winning music performed around the world. At the same time, she has advocated for living composers and new music since co-founding the American Composers Forum in 1973. Read more about her in Libby Larsen: Composing and American Life by Denise Von Glahn and other pioneering women in music in our blog post here.

Alice Paul and the American Suffrage Campaign by Katherine H. Adams & Michael L. Keene narrates the remarkable story of the first person to picket the White House, attempt a national political boycott, burn the president in effigy, and lead a successful campaign of nonviolence. Read more about Alice Paul and other women essential to Women’s Suffrage in our blog post here.

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