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Feeling Asian American

Author: Wen Liu
Pub Date: 05/07/2024

Visual Alterity

Author: Randall Halle
Pub Date: 03/30/2021

Play and the Human Condition

Author: Thomas S. Henricks
Pub Date: 05/04/2015

Higher Mental Processes

Author: Edited by Robert W. Proctor
Pub Date: 11/20/2015

Chronicling Trauma

Author: Doug Underwood
Pub Date: 10/17/2011

Rachel in the World

Author: Jane Bernstein
Pub Date: 02/22/2010

The Cattell Controversy

Author: William H. Tucker
Pub Date: 03/16/2009

Designing For Diversity

Author: Kathryn H. Anthony
Pub Date: 10/22/2007

The Funding of Scientific Racism

Author: William H. Tucker
Pub Date: 01/01/2007

Play Reconsidered

Author: Thomas S. Henricks
Pub Date: 08/21/2006

Living Walden Two

Author: Hilke Kuhlmann
Pub Date: 06/27/2005

The Enchantments of Technology

Author: Lee Worth Bailey
Pub Date: 10/31/2005

Healing Souls

Author: Eric G. Swedin
Pub Date: 11/03/2003

Shaping Losses

Author: Edited by Julia Epstein and Lori Hope Lefkovitz
Pub Date: 01/01/2001

The Graying of America

Author: Donald H. Kausler and Barry C. Kausler
Pub Date: 01/01/2001

Coming of Age in Post-Soviet Russia

Author: Fran Markowitz
Pub Date: 01/01/2000

Broken Soldiers

Author: Raymond B. Lech
Pub Date: 01/01/2000

Erich Fromm and Critical Criminology

Author: Edited by Kevin Anderson and Richard Quinney
Pub Date: 01/01/2000

Sex, Sexuality, and the Anthropologist

Author: Edited by Fran Markowitz and Michael Ashkenazi
Pub Date: 01/01/1999

To Have and To Hit

Author: Edited by Dorothy Ayers Counts, Judith K. Brown, and Jacquelyn C. Campbell
Pub Date: 01/01/1999

Transmen and FTMs

Author: Jason Cromwell
Pub Date: 05/01/1999

Zoo Culture

Author: Bob Mullan and Garry Marvin
Pub Date: 01/01/1998

Communication Ethics in an Age of Diversity

Author: Edited by Josina M. Makau and Ronald C. Arnett
Pub Date: 01/01/1997

In Search of Music Education

Author: Estelle R. Jorgensen
Pub Date: 01/01/1997