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Science, General

An Atlas of Illinois Fishes

Author: Brian A. Metzke, Brooks M. Burr, Leon C. Hinz Jr., Lawrence M. Page, and Christopher A. Taylor
Pub Date: 06/07/2022

Field Guide to Amphibians and Reptiles of Illinois

Author: Christopher A. Phillips, John A. Crawford, and Andrew R. Kuhns
Pub Date: 06/28/2022

Vita Sexualis

Author: Ralph M. Leck
Pub Date: 03/09/2020

A Hero on Mount St. Helens

Author: Melanie Holmes
Pub Date: 05/18/2019

Butterflies of Illinois

Author: Michael R. Jeffords, Susan L. Post, and James R. Wiker
Pub Date: 05/13/2019

Curious Encounters with the Natural World

Author: Michael R. Jeffords and Susan L. Post
Pub Date: 07/10/2017

Higher Mental Processes

Author: Edited by Robert W. Proctor
Pub Date: 11/20/2015

Ghost Stories for Darwin

Author: Banu Subramaniam
Pub Date: 11/03/2014

Oral Tradition and the Internet

Author: John Miles Foley
Pub Date: 09/03/2012

Feminist Technology

Author: Edited by Linda L. Layne, Sharra L. Vostral, and Kate Boyer
Pub Date: 05/31/2010

The Complete Vegetarian

Author: Edited by Peggy Carlson
Pub Date: 01/26/2009

The Cattell Controversy

Author: William H. Tucker
Pub Date: 03/16/2009

Edible Wild Mushrooms of Illinois and Surrounding States

Author: Joe McFarland and Gregory M. Mueller
Pub Date: 01/01/2009

Making Truth

Author: Theodore L. Brown
Pub Date: 01/01/2008


Author: Edited by Larry G. Hansen and Larry W. Robertson
Pub Date: 02/25/2008

The Funding of Scientific Racism

Author: William H. Tucker
Pub Date: 01/01/2007

Racing to a Cure

Author: Neil Ruzic
Pub Date: 02/01/2006

Science and Social Inequality

Author: Sandra Harding
Pub Date: 04/17/2006

Embargoed Science

Author: Vincent Kiernan
Pub Date: 09/11/2006

Women, Gender, and Technology

Author: Edited by Mary Frank Fox, Deborah G. Johnson, and Sue V. Rosser
Pub Date: 10/09/2006


Author: Albert Glinsky
Pub Date: 01/01/2005

Science or Pseudoscience

Author: Henry H. Bauer
Pub Date: 01/01/2004

I, Cyborg

Author: Kevin Warwick
Pub Date: 08/30/2004

March of the Machines

Author: Kevin Warwick
Pub Date: 08/30/2004