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Cultural Studies

Sleep Fictions

Author: Hannah L. Huber
Pub Date: 11/21/2023

Postconflict Utopias

Author: Tania Lizarazo
Pub Date: 10/22/2024

Strong Winds and Widow Makers

Author: Steven C. Beda
Pub Date: 12/13/2022

Carceral Liberalism

Author: Edited by Shreerekha Pillai
Pub Date: 08/15/2023

A History of the Ozarks, Volume 2

Author: Brooks Blevins
Pub Date: 07/12/2022

Building Sustainable Worlds

Author: Edited by Theresa Delgadillo, Ramon H. Rivera-Servera, Geraldo L. Cadava, and Claire F. Fox
Pub Date: 07/12/2022

Buy Black

Author: Aria S. Halliday
Pub Date: 04/26/2022

Shadow Traces

Author: Elena Tajima Creef
Pub Date: 04/12/2022

Marianne Meets the Mormons

Author: Heather Belnap, Corry Cropper, and Daryl Lee
Pub Date: 10/25/2022


Author: Badia Ahad-Legardy
Pub Date: 04/12/2021

Being La Dominicana

Author: Rachel Afi Quinn
Pub Date: 08/10/2021

Manifest Technique

Author: Mark R. Villegas
Pub Date: 07/13/2021

Visual Alterity

Author: Randall Halle
Pub Date: 03/30/2021

Spoon River America

Author: Jason Stacy
Pub Date: 05/11/2021

Energy Never Dies

Author: Ayana Contreras
Pub Date: 12/14/2021

A History of the Ozarks, Volume 3

Author: Brooks Blevins
Pub Date: 12/14/2021

Visions of the Press in Britain, 1850-1950

Author: Mark Hampton
Pub Date: 10/11/2004

Vita Sexualis

Author: Ralph M. Leck
Pub Date: 03/09/2020

Fashioning Postfeminism

Author: Simidele Dosekun
Pub Date: 06/22/2020

Laughing to Keep from Dying

Author: Danielle Fuentes Morgan
Pub Date: 11/16/2020

Black Queer Freedom

Author: GerShun Avilez
Pub Date: 11/09/2020

Disruptive Archives

Author: Viviana Beatriz MacManus
Pub Date: 12/14/2020

NFL Football

Author: Richard C. Crepeau
Pub Date: 09/14/2020

Black Sexual Economies

Author: Edited by Adrienne D. Davis and the BSE Collective
Pub Date: 09/16/2019