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Caribbean Studies

Julia de Burgos

Author: Vanessa Pérez-Rosario
Pub Date: January 2022

Being La Dominicana

Author: Rachel Afi Quinn
Pub Date: August 2021

Black Flag Boricuas

Author: Kirwin R. Shaffer
Pub Date: Cloth: June 2013; Paper: September 2020


Author: Myriam J. A. Chancy
Pub Date: March 2020

Reimagining Liberation

Author: Annette K. Joseph-Gabriel
Pub Date: January 2020

Between Fitness and Death

Author: Stefanie Hunt-Kennedy
Pub Date: April 2020

Island Gospel

Author: Melvin L. Butler
Pub Date: November 2019

Hot Feet and Social Change

Author: Edited by Kariamu Welsh, Esailama G. A. Diouf, and Yvonne Daniel
Pub Date: November 2019

Banjo Roots and Branches

Author: Edited by Robert B. Winans
Pub Date: September 2018

Tales, Tunes, and Tassa Drums

Author: Peter Manuel
Pub Date: January 2015

Scripts of Blackness

Author: Isar P. Godreau
Pub Date: February 2015

Africans to Spanish America

Author: Edited by Sherwin K. Bryant, Rachel Sarah O'Toole, and Ben Vinson III
Pub Date: Cloth: 2012; Paper: January 2014

Cannibal Writes

Author: Njeri Githire
Pub Date: November 2014

Becoming Julia de Burgos

Author: Vanessa Pérez-Rosario
Pub Date: November 2014

The Encyclopedia of Caribbean Religions

Author: Patrick Taylor and Frederick I. Case, Editors
Pub Date: September 2013

Caribbean Spaces

Author: Carole Boyce Davies
Pub Date: November 2013

Caribbean and Atlantic Diaspora Dance

Author: Yvonne Daniel
Pub Date: December 2011

Outsider Within

Author: Faye V. Harrison
Pub Date: March 2008

Comparative Arawakan Histories

Author: Edited by Jonathan D. Hill and Fernando Santos-Granero
Pub Date: 2007

Everyday Harm

Author: Mindie Lazarus-Black
Pub Date: May 2007

Medical Revolutionaries

Author: Karol K. Weaver
Pub Date: September 2006

Jamaica in 1850

Author: John Bigelow
Pub Date: June 2006

Fragments of Bone

Author: Edited by Patrick Bellegarde-Smith
Pub Date: July 2005

Beyond Bondage

Author: Edited by David Barry Gaspar and Darlene Clark Hine
Pub Date: November 2004