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Western Americana

link to catalog page, Young America

Young America

Land, Labor, and the Republican Community

Author: Mark A. Lause
Pub Date: 2005

How working people's republican "free labor" ethos changed the national agenda at a crucial period in U.S. history   learn more...

link to catalog page MARTINEZ, My Life in San Juan Pueblo

My Life in San Juan Pueblo

Stories of Esther Martinez

Author: Edited by Sue-Ellen Jacobs and Josephine Binford with M. Ellien Carroll, Henrietta M. Smith, and Tilar Mazzeo
Pub Date: April 2004

American Indian stories from famed Traditional Storyteller for the National Park Service, Esther Martinez   learn more...

link to catalog page AUSTIN, The Land of Journeys' Ending Author: Mary Austin
Pub Date: December 2003

With its indigenous peoples, whose life patterns and art forms reflected a long intimacy with the land, its permeable borderlands, its multiple languages and traditions, its long and complicated history of encounters between diverse peoples, its unique landscape and ecology, the Southwest offered, in Austin's view, a model for the future.   learn more...

link to catalog page HICKS, Mormonism and Music Author: Michael Hicks
Pub Date: September 2003

A history of the Mormon faith and people as they use the art of music to define and re-define their religious identity   learn more...

link to catalog page MATHES, The Standing Bear Controversy

The Standing Bear Controversy

Prelude to Indian Reform

Author: Valerie Sherer Mathes and Richard Lowitt
Pub Date: September 2003

The first full length study of the Standing Bear trial and its concequences on the larger American and Native American societies: the rise of the organized humanitarian reform movement, changes in the administration of Indian affairs, and the passage of the General Allotment Act of 1887.   learn more...

link to catalog page LOTCHIN, Fortress California, 1910-1961

Fortress California, 1910-1961

From Warfare to Welfare

Author: Roger W. Lotchin
Pub Date: September 2002

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link to catalog page BERWANGER, The Frontier against Slavery

The Frontier against Slavery

Western Anti-Negro Prejudice and the Slavery Extension Controversy

Author: Eugene H. Berwanger
Pub Date: March 2002

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link to catalog page MORRIS, The San Francisco Calamity by Earthquake and Fire Author: Charles Morris
Pub Date: November 2002

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link to catalog page MERCIER, Anaconda


Labor, Community, and Culture in Montana's Smelter City

Author: Laurie Mercier
Pub Date: September 2001

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link to catalog page PORTERFIELD, Last Cavalier

Last Cavalier

The Life and Times of John A. Lomax, 1867-1948

Author: Nolan Porterfield
Pub Date: 2001

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