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Spring 2022

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AIA Guide to Chicago

Author: American Institute of Architects ChicagoEdited by Alice Sinkevitch and Laurie McGovern Petersen
Pub Date:

Toward a Cooperative Commonwealth

Author: Thomas Alter II
Pub Date: March 2022

The Fundamental Institution

Author: Megan Birk
Pub Date: April 2022

Mandolin Man

Author: Bob Black
Pub Date: May 2022

Johann Scheibe

Author: Lynn Edwards Butler
Pub Date:

Working in the Magic City

Author: Thomas A. Castillo
Pub Date: June 2022

Destination Heartland

Author: Cynthia Clampitt
Pub Date: April 2022

Food Instagram

Author: Edited by Emily J. H. Contois and Zenia Kish
Pub Date: April 2022

Shadow Traces

Author: Elena Tajima Creef
Pub Date: April 2022

Building Sustainable Worlds

Author: Edited by Theresa Delgadillo, Ramón H. Rivera-Servera, Geraldo L. Cadava, and Claire F. Fox
Pub Date: June 2022

Clear It with Sid!

Author: Michael C. Dorf and George Van Dusen
Pub Date: May 2019

Women’s Activist Organizing in US History

Author: Compiled by Dawn Durante
Pub Date: March 2022

A Century of Repression

Author: Ralph Engelman and Carey Shenkman
Pub Date: August 2022

The Costs of the Gig Economy

Author: Falina Enriquez
Pub Date: August 2022

The Global History of Black Girlhood

Author: Edited by Corinne T. Field and LaKisha Michelle Simmons
Pub Date: August 2022

Where Are the Workers?

Author: Edited by Robert Forrant and Mary Anne Trasciatti
Pub Date: June 2022

Visualizing Black Lives

Author: Reighan Gillam
Pub Date: April 2022

Buy Black

Author: Aria S. Halliday
Pub Date: March 2022

Labor’s Outcasts

Author: Andrew J. Hazelton
Pub Date: August 2022

On the Bus with Bill Monroe

Author: Mark Hembree
Pub Date: April 2022

The Life of Madie Hall Xuma

Author: Wanda A. Hendricks
Pub Date: August 2022

In the Spirit of Wetlands

Author: Text by Clare HowardPhotographs by David Zalaznik
Pub Date: July 2022

"Maximum Clarity" and Other Writings on Music

Author: Ben Johnston
Pub Date: Cloth: November 2006; Paper: March 2022

Brian W. Aldiss

Author: Paul Kincaid
Pub Date: July 2022