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History, Immigration

link to catalog page LUCASSEN, The Immigrant Threat

The Immigrant Threat

The Integration of Old and New Migrants in Western Europe since 1850

Author: Leo Lucassen
Pub Date: November 2005

Common threads in the long-term integration experience of migrants, past and present   learn more...

link to catalog page GABACCIA, Italian Workers of the World

Italian Workers of the World

Labor Migration and the Formation of Multiethnic States

Author: Edited by Donna R. Gabaccia and Fraser M. Ottanelli
Pub Date: 2005

The impact of transnational Italian workers on the countries where they lived and worked   learn more...

link to catalog page MASTERSON, The Japanese in Latin America Author: Daniel M. Masterson with Sayaka Funada-Classen
Pub Date: December 2004

This book chronicles the experience of the first Japanese immigrants and their descendents in Latin America during the past century particularly emphasizing their struggle to adapt to their new homelands while retaining strong ties to their cultural heritage.   learn more...

link to catalog page CHAN, Survivors


Cambodian Refugees in the United States

Author: Sucheng Chan
Pub Date: May 2004

A multidisciplinary study of why and how Cambodians have come to the US and how they have fared since   learn more...

link to catalog page CHAN, Not Just Victims

Not Just Victims

Conversations with Cambodian Community Leaders in the United States

Author: Edited and with an Introduction by Sucheng Chan
Pub Date: February 2003

Cambodian history, migration, and resettlement in the U.S.   learn more...

link to catalog page SINKE, Dutch Immigrant Women in the United States, 1880-1920 Author: Suzanne M. Sinke
Pub Date: September 2002

learn more...

link to catalog page YOO, Growing Up Nisei

Growing Up Nisei

Race, Generation, and Culture among Japanese Americans of California, 1924-49

Author: David K. Yoo
Pub Date: 2000

learn more...

link to catalog page OVERLAND, Immigrant Minds, American Identities

Immigrant Minds, American Identities

Making the United States Home, 1870-1930

Author: Orm Överland
Pub Date: July 2000

The author sums it up best: “What I call ‘homemaking myths’ are stories told in immigrant/ethnic groups both to bolster members’ confidence in their identities as Americans and to prove to other Americans, in particular the traditionally dominant groups, that their particular group has a unique right to a home in the United States. “   learn more...

link to catalog page VAN SANT, Pacific Pioneers

Pacific Pioneers

Japanese Journeys to America and Hawaii, 1850-80

Author: John E. Van Sant
Pub Date: May 2000

The first full-length transnational and crosscultural examination of the earliest Japanese settlers in Hawai’i and the United States.   learn more...

link to catalog page KROES, Them and Us

Them and Us

Questions of Citizenship in a Globalizing World

Author: Rob Kroes
Pub Date: October 2000

In an unsettling world in the process of globalization, Them and Us explores the similar and divergent developments in North America and Europe and seeks new and meaningful definitions for citizenship as we all become participants in a new political culture.   learn more...

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