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Mormon Studies

Restless Pilgrim

Author: Reid L. Neilson and Scott D. Marianno
Pub Date: January 2021

Revising Eternity

Author: Edited by Holly Welker
Pub Date: April 2022

Mormon Women at the Crossroads

Author: Caroline Kline
Pub Date: June 2022

Eugene England

Author: Kristine L. Haglund
Pub Date: November 2021

Vardis Fisher

Author: Michael Austin
Pub Date: November 2021

Prophetic Authority

Author: Michael Hubbard MacKay
Pub Date: April 2020

Pacific Apostle

Author: David O. McKayEdited by Reid L. Neilson and Carson V. Teuscher
Pub Date: January 2020

Thunder from the Right

Author: Edited by Matthew L. Harris
Pub Date: March 2019

Mormons, Musical Theater, and Belonging in America

Author: Jake Johnson
Pub Date: July 2019

Lost Legacy

Author: Irene M. Bates and E. Gary Smith
Pub Date: February 2018

Return to the City of Joseph

Author: Scott C. Esplin
Pub Date: November 2018

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Author: Michael Hicks
Pub Date: Cloth: 2015; Paper: August 2017

Baring Witness

Author: Edited by Holly Welker
Pub Date: August 2016

The Mormon Church and Blacks

Author: Edited by Matthew L. Harris and Newell G. Bringhurst
Pub Date: December 2015

Kirtland Temple

Author: David J. Howlett
Pub Date: June 2014

A Foreign Kingdom

Author: Christine Talbot
Pub Date: December 2013

Mormon History

Author: Ronald W. Walker, David J. Whittaker, and James B. AllenWith a contribution by Armand Mauss
Pub Date: Cloth: 2001; Paper: 2010

Transformation of the Mormon Culture Region

Author: Ethan R. Yorgason
Pub Date: 2010

Sports in Zion

Author: Richard Ian Kimball
Pub Date: January 2009

More Wives Than One

Author: Kathryn M. Daynes
Pub Date: 2008

Prostitution, Polygamy, and Power

Author: Jeffrey Nichols
Pub Date: August 2008

God's Country, Uncle Sam's Land

Author: Todd M. Kerstetter
Pub Date: Cloth: 2006; Paper: 2008

Sojourner in the Promised Land

Author: Jan Shipps
Pub Date: 2007

Making Space on the Western Frontier

Author: W. Paul Reeve
Pub Date: April 2007