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Theater & Film Music

link to catalog page, Starring Women
E-book Sale: $19.95

Starring Women

Celebrity, Patriarchy, and American Theater, 1790-1850

Author: Sara E. Lampert
Pub Date: November 2020

Women pushing the limits of public life in pre-Civil War America   learn more...

link to catalog page, Voicing the Cinema
E-book Sale: $19.95

Voicing the Cinema

Film Music and the Integrated Soundtrack

Author: Edited by James Buhler and Hannah Lewis
Pub Date: March 2020

Daring new ideas on what we hear at the movies   learn more...

link to catalog page, Mormons, Musical Theater, and Belonging in America
E-book Sale: $19.95
Author: Jake Johnson
Pub Date: July 2019

Using others' voices to bring one closer to God   learn more...

link to catalog page, Unsettled Scores
E-book Sale: $19.95

Unsettled Scores

Politics, Hollywood, and the Film Music of Aaron Copland and Hanns Eisler

Author: Sally Bick
Pub Date: December 2019

Two legendary composers and high art's uneasy partnership with Hollywood   learn more...

link to catalog page, Just One of the Boys
E-book Sale: $19.95

Just One of the Boys

Female-to-Male Cross-Dressing on the American Variety Stage

Author: Gillian M. Rodger
Pub Date: January 2018

Manning up to take the stage by storm   learn more...

link to catalog page, Making the March King
E-book Sale: $19.95

Making the March King

John Philip Sousa's Washington Years, 1854-1893

Author: Patrick Warfield
Pub Date: Cloth: 2013; Paper: February 2016

The legendary bandleader's early career and rise to fame   learn more...

link to catalog page, Blackness in Opera
E-book Sale: $19.95
Author: Edited by Naomi André, Karen M. Bryan, and Eric Saylor
Pub Date: Cloth: 2012; Paper: November 2014

How race and blackness play out in opera   learn more...

link to catalog page, The Pekin
E-book Sale: $19.95

The Pekin

The Rise and Fall of Chicago’s First Black-Owned Theater

Author: Thomas Bauman
Pub Date: May 2014

A portrait of an African American cultural institution in the early twentieth century   learn more...

link to catalog page, Sonic Persuasion
E-book Sale: $19.95

Sonic Persuasion

Reading Sound in the Recorded Age

Author: Greg Goodale
Pub Date: April 2011

How to interpret identity, culture, and history in sound   learn more...

link to catalog page, Butoh
E-book Sale: $19.95


Metamorphic Dance and Global Alchemy

Author: Sondra Fraleigh
Pub Date: September 2010

Tracing the international growth of a transformative Japanese dance form   learn more...

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