American Journal of Psychology

Editor: Fábio P. Leite


Current Volume: 137 (2024)
Issued Quarterly (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter)
ISSN: 0002-9556
eISSN: 1939-8298


The American Journal of Psychology (AJPwas founded in 1887 by G. Stanley Hall and has been published continuously ever sinceAJP explores the science of the mind and behavior, publishing reports of original research in experimental psychology, theoretical presentations, combined theoretical and experimental analyses, historical commentaries, and in-depth reviews of significant books. The Journal has published some of the most innovative and formative papers in psychology throughout its history. 

  • Please be advised that there is no cost to submit to the American Journal of Psychology. We are aware of a counterfeit site impersonating the journal and are taking action to address. 

In Memoriam: We are deeply saddened by the passing of Robert Proctor, editor of the American Journal of Psychology 2009-2023. The publication of American Journal of Psychology will continue its mission under the guidance of a new editor, yet to be announced. While we mourn his loss, we remain steadfast in our commitment to upholding the standards of excellence that Robert so passionately championed.


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Fábio P. Leite 
Ohio State University, Lima

Book Review Editor
Dominic W. Massaro
Psychology Department
University of California, Santa Cruz
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

History of Psychology Editor
David Robinson

Associate Editor
Jeanette Altarriba
University at Albany, State University of New York

Consulting Editors

  • Gisa Aschersleben, Universität des Saarlandes
  • Jing Chen, Rice University
  • Benjamin A. Clegg, Colorado State University
  • Amedeo D'Angiulli, Carleton University, Canada
  • Adele Diederich, Jacobs University, Germany
  • Donelson E. Dulany, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Lisa R. Fournier, Washington State University
  • Kathleen Galotti, Carleton College
  • Peter Gollwitzer, New York University and Universität Konstanz
  • Paula Goolkasian, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
  • Brian Haig, University of Canterbury
  • Matthew Heath, University of Western Ontario (Canada)
  • Ronald T. Kellogg, Saint Louis University
  • John F. Kihlstrom, University of California, Berkeley
  • Joachim Krueger, Brown University
  • Mei-Ching Lien, Oregon State University
  • James D. Miles, California State University, Long Beach
  • Jeffrey Mounts, State University of New York College at Geneseo
  • Henry L. Roediger III, Washington University
  • Kim-Phuong L. Vu, California State University, Long Beach

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PDFs are permitted and issued for the following:

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Angela Burton
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American Journal of Psychology

  • Please be advised that there is no cost to submit to the American Journal of Psychology. We are aware of a counterfeit site impersonating the journal and are taking action to address.

Manuscripts of research and theory articles should be submitted as follows:

Articles should be submitted electronically to the AJP online manuscript submission system. This secure, personalized resource will allow you to track your manuscript through each step of the review and acceptance process. To begin, click on the link below to set up your personal account and upload your submission. Your transmitted material will be reviewed as soon as possible.

Submit to American Journal of Psychology

Contributors are asked to follow the style in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 7th ed., 2020, and to consult Appendix A, Checklist for Manuscript Submission, in the Manual as a guide. One exception to the style in the 7th edition is that AJP will continue to use the style from the previous edition for multiple (but fewer than six) authors in a citation:

For 3–5 authors: list all names on first use, then First author last name et al.

Everything should be double-spaced—abstract, text, references, notes, captions.

Please include all statistical indices, descriptive and inferential, required for evaluation of your experimental findings.

The abstract should not exceed 250 words.

Special mathematical symbols and abbreviations should be identified.

All elements in a figure should be large enough to be readable when the drawing is reduced to fit the maximum width of 11 cm. Figures should be submitted as .TIF or .JPG files with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

All titles in the reference list should be spelled out rather than abbreviated.

References cited in the text should agree with those in the reference list.

A copy of the letter of permission for the use of previously published material (e.g., long extracts and reproductions of figures) should be included.

The submitted manuscript should not be under concurrent review elsewhere.

Books intended for review and proposals for book reviews should be sent to:

Dominic W. Massaro 
Department of Psychology
University of California, Santa Cruz
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

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Featured Articles

The Visual Working Memory Demands of Processing Conventional Metaphoric Language
Alison Whiteford-Damerall

Individual Response–Effect Congruencies Modulate Subsequent Stimulus–Response Compatibility Effects
James D. Miles and Kim-Phuong L. Vu

Efficacy of Guided Versus Self-Induced Learning of Web-Based Self-Compassionate Journaling by College Students
Jessica Williamson and Ginette C. Blackhart

Reading Deficits, Executive Functions, and Social Adjustment Problems: Direct and Mediated Relations
Farzana Ashraf, Shameem Fatima and Najma Najam

The Characteristics and Benefits of Disclosing Personal Experiences in Prison: A Study of the Writing Paradigm
Antonietta Curci, Lidia de Leonardis, Tiziana Lanciano and Pierpaolo Basile

Impact of Physical Activity on an Individual's Creativity: A Day-Level Analysis
Ashish Bollimbala, P. S. James and Shirshendu Ganguli

Is Detecting Discontinuity Difficult? Evidence from the Visual Trend Classification of Scatterplots
Christine Blech; Daniel Reimann; Nilam Ram; Robert Gaschler

Description Versus Experience for Decisions About Discounts
Tanner D. Smith; Darryl W. Schneider

Dual-Process Accounts of the Creative Problem Solving and Human Connectome
Ching-Lin Wu; Hsueh-Chih Chen

Can Feedback Boost Prospective Memory Performance?
Zhi Ren; Wei Liu; Lijuan Wang

Is There a Bidirectional Relationship Between Appearance-Based Rejection Sensitivity and Materialism in Early Adults?
Yunxiang Chen; Xiangping Liu

Following Navigation Instructions: Interdependent Spatial and Verbal Working Memory Processes
Alice F. Healy; Vivian I. Schneider; James A. Kole; Immanuel Barshi

How Chinese People Expressed Well-Being and Mobility Change During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Analysis of Microblogs
Yunxiang Chen; Xiangping Liu

How Chinese People Expressed Well-Being and Mobility Change During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Analysis of Microblogs
Yunxiang Chen; Xiangping Liu

Improving the Science and Practice of Testing: The Legacy of Oscar Krisen Buros
Janet F. Carlson

Historical, Methodological, and Philosophical Analysis of the Working Memory Construct
James P. Byrnes; Dana Miller-Cotto

Is the Missing Letter Effect Due Primarily to the Test Word Containing the Target Letter or to the Surrounding Words?
Alice F. Healy; James A. Kole; Vivian I. Schneider

A Feedforward Interactive Network to Explain Complex Information Processing Phenomena Including the Halo Effect and Its Generalization
Irwin D. Nahinsky

Gauging the Power of Perseverance and Extent of Unrealized Potential in One Intellectual Domain
Robert W. Howard

Rage at Strangers: Anger Elicitation and Regulation as a Function of Relationship Type
Jade Abigail Witten; Emma Truss; Rudi Coetzer; Oliver Hugh Turnbull

Comparison Trial of Two Behavioral Sleep Interventions to Improve Sleep-Related Outcomes and Reduce Technology Usage Among College Students
Scott M. Pickett; Kari I. Lahar; Philippe Gaillard; Andrea T. Kozak

Similarity Between Upright and Inverted Faces in a Yes/No Procedure: The Face Recognition Invariance
Sam S. Rakover; Rani Amit Bar-On; Anna Gliklich; Asa Kinory

Gestural Simulation of Motion Verbs
Omid Khatin-Zadeh; Jiehui Hu; Zahra Eskandari; Zhu Yanjiao; Danyal Farsani; Hassan Banaruee

Category Generalization After Entrenched Versus Probabilistic Erroneous Feedback
Donald Homa; Mark Blair

Contributions of Ethnicity and Attention to the Ensemble Emotional Perception in a Mixed Group
Yujie Wu; Xinyu Wu; Haojiang Ying

When Driving Under the Influence Leads to Manslaughter: Perceptions of Plea Bargains
Mary M. Levi; Jonathan M. Golding; Andrea M. Pals; J. Matthew Webster; Anne Lippert

OA Content

Behaviorism as a Monism of Action
Oliver L. Reiser

Studies from the Cracow Laboratory

An Ancient Record of Righthandedness
Erna Gunther

The Theory of Einstein and the "Gestalt-Psychologie": A Parallel
George Humphrey

Constant vs. Accelerated Speed in Learning
Anne E. Fineman and Selina Ruderman

The RL of Increased Chroma with Film Colors
Diana Ginsberg and L. B. Hoisington

The Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association
H. S. Langfeld

Reviewed Work: Lehrbuch der experimentellen Psychologie by J. Fröbes
H. P. W.

Is There a Generalized Psychometric Function?
Edwin G. Boring

Synaesthesia in the Process of Reasoning
Thomas D. Cutsforth

Reviewed Work: Anger: Its Moral and Religious Significance by G. M. Stratton
A. J. Snow

Alcohol, Tobacco, Tea: Postcript
Max F. Meyer

Some Observations and Experiments of the Intelligence of the Chimpanzee and Ourang
Wm. Thomas Shepherd

Observations on Taking Peyote
Samuel W. Fernberger

Reviewed Work: Social Psychology by Robert H. Gault
Kimball Young

Alcohol, Tobacco and Tea: The Efficiency under Drugs as Derived from the Learning Equation
Max F. Meyer

Imagery in the Waking and Drowsy States
Hulsey Cason

The Expression of Simple Feeling
E. B. T.

On the Estimation of the Middle of Lines
H. K. Wolfe

An Experimental Study of Memory Color and Related Phenomena
Grace Kinckle Adams

Relearning after Forty Six Years
E. B. T.

The Principles and Technique of Mental Measurement
Truman L. Kelley

Reviewed Work: Psychanalysis in the Classroom by George H. Green
G. Stanley Hall

Reviewed Work: Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis by S. Freud, Joan Riviere
G. Stanley Hall

Calibration of the Galton Whistle
Christian A. Ruckmick

Reviewed Work: The Homosexual Neurosis by Wilhelm Stekel, J. S. Van Teslaar
G. Stanley Hall

Reviewed Work: Suggestion and Autosuggestion by Chas. Baudouin
G. Stanley Hall

Reviewed Work: Manuel de psychologie by E. B. Titchener, H. Lesage
H. P. W.

Some Religious Cults in Jamaica
Martha Warren Beckwith

Reviewed Work: The Education of Behavior by I. B. Saxby

Can the Psychophysical Experiment Reconcile Introspectionists and Objectivists?
J. R. Kantor


Diotic Tonal Volumes as a Function of Difference of Phase
H. M. Halverson

Synaesthesia and Meaning
Raymond Holder Wheeler and Thomas D. Cutsforth

The Hydrogen Ion Concentration of the Mixed Saliva Considered as an Index of Fatigue and of Emotional Excitation, and Applied to a Study of the Metabolic Etiology of Stammering
Henry E. Starr

Reviewed Work: Human Behavior, in Its Relation to the Study of Educational, Social and Ethical Problems by Stewart Paton
E. C. S.

Series of Difference Tones Obtained from Tunable Bars
Paul Thomas Young

Reviewed Work: Grundzüge der Reproduktions-Psychologie by Benno Erdmann
Raymond Dodge

Psychological Periodicals

A Table for the Graphic Check of the Method of Constant Stimuli
L. B. Hoisington

Are There Any Sensations?
Robert M. Ogden

Reviewed Work: Fu̧nf Reden von Ewald Hering by H. E. Hering, Ewald Hering
E. B. T.

Reviewed Work: Getting What We Want by David O. Edson
G. Stanley Hall

The Development of Meaning
Raymond Holder Wheeler

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 33, No. 2


Instinct and Value
Henry C. Link

Reviewed Work: Psychology for Normal Schools by L. A. Averill
H. G. Bishop

Reviewed Work: Elements of Folk Psychology: Outlines of a Psychological History of the Development of Mankind by Wilhelm Wundt, E. L. Schaub
E. B. T.

Front Matter

Reviewed Work: Suggestion and Autosuggestion by Charles Baudouin, C. Paul, N. Paul
Margaret Floy Washburn

The Psychology of Reflex Action
J. R. Kantor

An Experiment in Time Estimation Using Different Interpolations
Llewellyn T. Spencer

Functional Psychology and the Psychology of Act: I
E. B. Titchener

The Illusory Perception of Movement on the Skin
Anna Kellman Whitchurch

Reviewed Work: The Psychology of Thought and Feeling by Charles Platt
W. B. Pillsbury

The Psychophysiology of the Condemned
E. B. T.

Psychological Periodicals

The Hering Color-Blindness Apparatus and the Normal Rayleigh Equation
M. Winfield and C. Strong

In Aid of Introspection
Horace Bidwell English

An Experimental Investigation of the Positive After-Image in Audition
Homer Guy Bishop

The Influence of Color upon Mental and Motor Efficiency
Sidney L. Pressey

The Child Mind
Henry Jones Mulford


Reviewed Work: Der Geruch by Hans Henning
E. A. McC. Gamble

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 32, No. 2

The Relation of the Pleasantness of Color Combinations to That of the Colors Seen Singly
M. F. Washburn, Dorothy Haight and Jeanette Regensburg

Brentano and Wundt: Empirical and Experimental Psychology
E. B. Titchener

Some Problems in Regard to Alimentary Sensitivity
Ivy G. Campbell

A Psychological Interpretation of Modern Social Problems and of Contemporary History: A Survey of the Contributions of Gustave Le Bon to Social Psychology
Harry Elmer Barnes

An Experimental Study of Visual Movement and the Phi Phenomenon
F. L. Dimmick

An Experimental Study of Visual Form
M. J. Zigler

Psychoanalysis of Charlotte Brontë, as a Type of the Woman of Genius
Lucile Dooley

Note on the Experimental Study of Attention
K. M. Dallenbach

The Logic of the Normal Law of Error in Mental Measurement
Edwin G. Boring

The Tonoscope as a Means for Registering Combination Tones
Evelyn Gough and Genevieve Robison

Reviewed Work: El Psicoanalisis by Honorario F. Delgado
Phyllis Blanchard

Front Matter


The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 30, No. 4

Directed Egocentric Reactions
Katherine B. Graves, Evelyn Heath and M. F. Washburn

What Is "The Unconscious?"
Henry Jones Mulford

Reviewed Work: A Revolution in Biology and Surgery. Dead Grafts by Charles Nordmann, M. Pieters

Confessions of an Agoraphobic Victim

An Attempt to Test Moods or Temperaments of Cheerfulness and Depression by Directed Recall of Emotionally Toned Experiences
Eleanor Morgan, Helen K. Mull and M. F. Washburn

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 30, No. 2

Reviewed Work: La Crisis de la Pubertad y Sus Cosecuencias Pedagogicas by Victor Mercante
Phyllis Blanchard

Authorship of the Book of Mormon
Theodore Schroeder

The Biological Value of Religious Belief
Wesley Raymond Wells

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 29, No. 4

The Theory of Recapitulation and the Religious and Moral Discipline of Children
Wesley Raymond Wells

The Localisation of Feeling
P. T. Young

Further Tests of the Verbal Ability of Poor Spellers
Margaret E. Cobb, Margaret Kincaid and M. F. Washburn

A Bibliography of "Rhythm" (Second Supplementary List)
Christian A. Ruckmich

An Analysis of the Psychometric Function for the Two-Point Limen with Respect to the Paradoxical Error
Margaret Kincaid

Book Notes

Front Matter

Dr. Morgan on the Measurement of Attention
K. M. Dallenbach

Volume Information

Extatic Intoxication in Religion
James H. Leuba

Some Striking Illusions of Movement of a Single Light on Mountains
Joseph Peterson

Book Notes

Book Notes

The Formation and Retention of Associations among the Insane
Clark L. Hull

Sir Edward Tylor
Joseph Jastrow

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 28, No. 2

Book Notes

A Compressed Air System for Demonstrational Purposes
E. G. Boring and W. S. Foster

The Effect of Sound Distraction upon Memory
John J. B. Morgan

Book Notes

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 27, No. 4

Is Introspection Individual or Social, within or without?
W. D. Wallis

New Laboratory Equipment
Christian A. Ruckmich

Book Notes

Reviewed Work: Human Motives by James Jackson Putnam
Christian A. Ruckmich

Reviewed Work: Sleep and Sleeplessness by H. Addington Bruce
Christian A. Ruckmich

Reviewed Work: Standardization of Tests for Defective Children by Clara Schmitt

Reviewed Work: Point Scale Ratings of Delinquent Boys and Girls by Thomas H. Haines

The Tridimensional Theory of Feeling from the Standpoint of Typical Experiences
W. S. Foster and K. Roese

Grasping, Reaching and Handling
Garry C. Myers

Reviewed Work: Native Tribes of the Northern Territory of Australia by Baldwin Spencer
E. B. T.

Visual Quality as a Determinant of Clearness
J. S. Smith

Reviewed Work: The Rational Education of the Will by Paul Lévy, Florence K. Bright
Raymond H. Wheeler

Reviewed Work: The Khasis by P. R. T. Gurdon

Book Notes

Geotropism in Animals
Sakyo Kanda

Reviewed Work: Orchestration by C. Forsyth
E. B. T.

Sensation and System
E. B. Titchener

Reviewed Work: Il metodo delgi equivalenti. Contributo allo studio dei processi di confronto by Agostino Gemelli
Samuel W. Fernberger

The Influence of Suppressing Articulation on the Favorable Effect of Distributing Repetitions
Mildred Mould, Lois Treadwell and M. F. Washburn

The Sensations of the Alimentary Canal
Edwin Garrigues Boring

An Historical Note on the James-Lange Theory of Emotion
E. B. Titchener

[Alexander Francis Chamberlain]

Book Notes

Laboratory Notes
E. B. Titchener

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 25, No. 2

Back Matter

Reviewed Work: Denkende Tiere, Beiträge zur Tierseelenkunde auf Grund eigener Versuche by Karl Krall
E. C. S.

A Bibliography of the Scientific Writings of Wilhelm Wundt
E. B. Titchener and W. S. Foster

Reviewed Work: An Elementary Study of the Brain, Based on the Dissection of the Brain of the Sheep by Eben W. Fiske
W. S. Foster

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 24, No. 3

Book Notes

Reviewed Work: Elemente der Völkerpsychologie, Grundlinien einer psychologischen Entwicklungsgeschichte der Menschheit by Wilhelm Wundt
Leonard Bloomfield

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 24, No. 2

Reviewed Work: The Kallikak Family: A Study in the Heredity of Feeble-Mindedness by H. H. Goddard

Reviewed Work: Contributo Psicologici del Laboratorio di Psicologia Sperimentale della R. Universita di Roma. Vol. I, 1910-1911 by S. de Sanctis
Theodate L. Smith

Front Matter

The Use of the Term Function in English Textbooks of Psychology
Christian A. Ruckmich

Reviewed Work: Reaction to Multiple Stimuli by John Welhoff Todd
Samuel W. Fernberger

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 23, No. 4

Reviewed Work: A Manual of Mental Science by L. M. Whipple

Reviewed Work: Modern Science and the Illusions of Professor Bergson by H. S. R. Elliot

Book Notes

Further Experiments on the Inhibition of Sensations
Edmund Jacobson

Reviewed Works: A Text-Book in the Principles of Education by E. N. Henderson; Outline of a Course in the Philosophy of Education by J. A. MacVannel

Why Kant Is Passing
G. Stanley Hall

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 23, No. 2

Description vs. Statement of Meaning
E. B. Titchener

Reviewed Work: Creative Evolution by Henri Bergson, A. Mitchell
B. H. Bode

Psychoanalysis: A Review of Current Literature
J. S. Van Teslaar

A Pigment Color System and Notation
A. H. Munsell

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 23, No. 1

A Study of the Images Representing the Concept "Meaning"
Mary W. Chapin and M. F. Washburn

Reviewed Work: Animal Intelligence by E. L. Thorndike
L. W. Sackett

Reviewed Work: The Philosophy of Music: A Comparative Investigation into the Principles of Musical Aesthetics by H. H. Britan
E. B. T.

Reviewed Work: The Life and Letters of Martin Luther by Martin Luther, P. Smith

Reviewed Work: Die Weltanschanungen der grossen Philosophen der Neuzeit by L. Busse, R. Falckenberg

The Effect of Area on the Pleasantness of Colors
Dorothy Clark, Mary S. Goodell and M. F. Washburn

A Bibliography of the Scientific Writings of Wilhelm Wundt
E. B. Titchener and L. R. Geissler

On Meaning and Understanding
Edmund Jacobson

The Color Sensations of the Partially Color-Blind, a Criticism of Current Teaching
Samuel P. Hayes

Reviewed Works: Les dégénérescences auditives by A. Marie; Rééducation physique et psychique by H. Lavrand; Les folies à éclipse by Legrain; Les rêves et leur interpretation by P. Meunier, R. Masselon; La suggestion et ses limites by Bajenoff, Ossipoff; La psychologie de l'attention by N. Vaschide, R. Meunier
James Field

Terminology in the Field of Sensation
Knight Dunlap

Reviewed Work: La vie mentale de l' adolescent et ses anomalies by A. Lemaitre
Francis Jones

Consciousness under an Æsthetics
Edmund Jacobson

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 22, No. 3

Reviewed Work: Ueber die körperlichen Begleiterscheinungen psychischer Vorgänge by O. Bumke
Francis Jones

Reviewed Work: The Dweller on the Threshold by Robert Hichens
Wm. Erskine

Reviewed Work: Leitfaden der experimentellen Psychopathologie. Vorlesungen gehalten an der Universität Leipzig by A. Gregor
W. Asher

Consciousness in Relation to Learning
Louise Ellison Ordahl

Reviewed Work: L'année psychologique
W. S. Foster

Reviewed Work: Il sentimento giuridico by Giorgio del Vecchio
Alexander F. Chamberlain

Reviewed Work: De l'origine et de la nature mnemoniques des tendances affectives by E. Rignano, J. Dubois
Theodate L. Smith

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 22, No. 2

Reviewed Work: The Metaphysics of a Naturalist; Philosophical and Psychological Fragments by C. L. Herrick
W. S. Foster

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 22, No. 1

An Effect of Fatigue on Judgments of the Affective Value of Colors
Ethel L. Norris, Alice G. Twiss and M. F. Washburn

Reviewed Work: Studies in Spiritism by Amy E. Tanner
Joseph Jastrow

Reviewed Work: Les rêves et leur interprétation by Paul Meunier, René Masselon
Theodate L. Smith

Reviewed Work: The Qualities of Men by Joseph Jastrow

Reviewed Work: The Suggestive Power of Hypnotism by L. Forbes Winslow

Reviewed Work: A First Book in Psychology by Mary Whiton Calkins

A Preliminary Introspective Study of the Association-Reaction Consciousness
L. R. Geissler

An Experimental Study of Belief
T. Okabe

The Dynamic Interpretation of Dementia Præcox
Adolf Meyer

An Experimental Study of Imagination
Cheves West Perky

Reviewed Work: Spinoza's Short Treatise on God, Man and Human Welfare by L. G. Robinson, Spinoza
James Field

The past Decade in Experimental Psychology
E. B. Titchener

Reviewed Work: American Primitive Music, with Especial Attention to the Songs of the Ojibways by Frederick R. Burton
Edward P. Havelock

Reviewed Work: Die Kultur der Gegenwart. Teil I, Abteilung V. Allgemeine Geschichte der Philosophie by Paul Hinneberg
Th. Walters

Reviewed Work: The Autobiography, a Critical and Comparative Study by A. R. Burr
F. E. Barbour

Reviewed Work: The Family and the Nation, a Study in Natural Inheritance and Social Responsibility by W. C. D. Whetham, C. D. Whetham
S. Post

Reviewed Work: Charles Darwin and the Origin of Species: Addresses, Etc., in America and England in the Year of the Two Anniversaries by E. B. Poulton
Th. Walters

Reviewed Work: Essai sur la Psychologie de la Main by N. Vaschide

Reviewed Work: Die Kitzel-und Juckempfindungen by S. Alrutz
P. E. Winter

Reviewed Work: A Pluralistic Universe by William James

Reviewed Work: Problèmes de psychologie affective by Th. Ribot
Francis Jones

A Bibliography of the Scientific Writings of Wilhelm Wundt
E. B. Titchener and L. R. Geissler

Reviewed Work: Psychologie de l'enfant et pédagogie expérimentale by Éd. Claparède
W. Jenkins

Reviewed Work: Race Questions, Provincialism, and Other American Problems by Josiah Royce
J. Riley

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 20, No. 4

Reviewed Work: Herbert Spencer by Karl Schwarze
L. Turley

Reviewed Work: The Fragments of Empedocles by William Ellery Leonard
W. Jenkins

Reviewed Work: Fifty Years of Darwinism: Modern Aspects of Evolution
P. E. Winter

Book Notes

Reviewed Work: Therapeutics of the Circulation by Lauder Brunton
Th. Walters


An Apparatus for the Study of Kinæsthetic Space Perception
James H. Leuba

Front Matter

Reviewed Work: Modern Educators and Their Ideals by Tadasu Misawa

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 20, No. 2

Reviewed Work: The Naturalization of the Supernatural by Frank Podmore


Reviewed Work: Questions in General and Educational Psychology by Guy Montrose Whipple

Front Matter

Reviewed Work: A Theory of Mind by John Lewis March

Reviewed Work: The Nervous Correlate of Pleasantness and Unpleasantness by M. Meyer
H. W. Chase

A Demonstrational Color-Pyramid
E. B. Titchener

The Psychophysics of Climate
E. B. Titchener

On Three Types of Behavior: The Mechanical, the Coercitive (Magic) and the Anthropopathic (Including Religion)
James H. Leuba

Reviewed Work: Race or Mongrel by Alfred P. Schultz

Book Notes

Reviewed Work: Etudes d'Histoire et de Psychologie du Mysticisme, Les grands mystiques chrétiens by Henri Delacroix
Amy E. Tanner

Reviewed Work: The Psychology and Pedagogy of Reading by Edmund Burke Huey
M. W. Meyerhardt

Reviewed Work: Religion and Medicine by Elwood Worcester, Samuel McComb, Isador H. Coriat

Reviewed Work: Psychology, General Introduction by Charles Hubbard Judd
W. C. Ruediger

Reviewed Work: La Nature et la Genèse des Instincts d' après Weismann by E. Maigre
W. L. Gard

Reviewed Work: Laboratory Equipment for Psychological Experiments by Charles Hubbard Judd

Reviewed Work: Ueberblick über die Geschichte und den gegenwärtigen Stand des psycho-physiologischen Problems der Augenbewegung by R. Herbertz
M. W. Meyerhardt

Reviewed Work: Das Behalten und Vergessen bei Kindern und Erwachsenen nach experimentellen Untersuchungen by Paul R. Radossawljewitsch


Reviewed Work: Attention by W. B. Pillsbury

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 19, No. 2

Reviewed Work: Essai sur les passions by Th. Ribot
Theodate L. Smith

The Effect of Imperceptible Lines on the Judgment of Distance
Helen M. Manro and M. F. Washburn

Reviewed Work: Sociological Papers, III by G. A. Reid, W. McDougall, J. L. Tayler, J. A. Thomson, P. Geddes, A. E. Crawley, R. M. Wenley, W. H. Beveridge, G. de Wesselitsky, Mrs. S. Webb, H. G. Wells
M. W. Wisemanss

The Method of Impression and Some Recent Criticism
E. B. Titchener

Attention and Interest
William H. Burnham

Reviewed Work: Compensatory Motions and the Semi-Circular Canals by Benjamin C. Gruenberg

Book Notes

Reviewed Work: Hygiene of Nerves and Mind in Health and Disease by A. Forel, H. A. Aikins
P. E. Winter

Spinoza and Modern Psychology
Amy E. Tanner

Reviewed Work: Folkways, a Study of the Sociological Importance of Usages, Manners, Customs, Mores and Morals by William Graham Sumner

Reviewed Work: The Roots of Reality, Being Suggestions for a Philosophical Reconstruction by Ernest Belfort Bax

General Practice Effect of Special Exercise
J. E. Coover and Frank Angell

Reviewed Work: Vybrané stati pedopsychologické a pedagogické by G. S. Hall

A Quick Method for Determining the Index of Correlation
Guy Montrose Whipple

Reviewed Work: Philosophie der Unbelebten Materie; hypothetische Darstellung der Einheit des Stoffes und seines Bewegungsgesetzes by Adolf Stöhr

The Proceedings of the Philadelphia Meeting of Experimental Psychologists
J. W. Baird

Front Matter

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 18, No. 1

Some Aspects of Pestilences and Other Epidemics
B. S. Gowen

Reviewed Work: A New Interpretation of Herbart's Psychology and Educational Theory through the Philosophy of Leibniz by John Davidson
Theodate L. Smith

Memory for Lifted Weights
E. A. Hayden

Reviewed Work: Les Écrits et Les Dessins dans les Maladies Nerveuses et Mentales by J. Roques de Fursac

Reviewed Work: Die Mimik des Denkes by De Sanctis

Organic Changes and Feeling
John F. Shepard

Reviewed Work: Physiology of the Nervous System by J. P. Morat, H. W. Syers

Reviewed Work: Future Life in the Light of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science by Louis Elbé
H. E. Hotchkiss

Reviewed Work: Paedagogische Psychologie by L. Habrich
M. W. Wiseman

The Psychology of Organic Movements
I. Madison Bentley

Reviewed Work: Feeling Psychologically Treated, and Prolegomena to Psychology by D. J. Snider
M. W. Wiseman

Reviewed Work: The Dissociation of a Personality by Morton Prince
Joseph Jastrow

Reviewed Work: Leitfaden der physiologischen Psychologie in 15 Vorlesungen by Th. Ziehen
E. B. T.

The Negative Aspect of Hallucinations
Clara Harrison Town

The Time of Some Mental Processes in the Retardation and Excitement of Insanity
Shepherd Ivory Franz

Reviewed Work: Das Ich und die sittlichen Ideen im Leben der Völker by O. Flugel

Reviewed Works: Selections from the Music Dramas of Richard Wagner by ; Twenty-Four Negro Melodies by S. Coleridge-Taylor
P. E. Winter

Reviewed Works: Schriften der Gesellschaft für Psychologische Forschung, Heft 15; Psychologische Faktoren des Modernen Zeitgeistes by Richard Baerwald; Die Bedeutung des Urteils für die Auffassung by Paul Möller

A Comparison of Methods for the Determination of Ideational Type
Alma Bell and Loretta Muckenhoupt

Reviewed Work: Selected Sermons of Jonathan Edwards by H. N. Gardiner
E. B. T.

Reviewed Work: The Psychology of Beauty by Ethel D. Puffer
H. C. Stevens

Reviewed Work: Ricerche di Psychologia: Volume primo
H. C. Stevens

A Study in Tonal Analysis. I
I. Madison Bentley and George H. Sabine

Book Notes

Counting and Adding
L. D. Arnett

On Conditions Affecting the Maximal Rate of Voluntary Extensor and Flexor Movements of the Right Arm
Robert Harvey Gault

The Place of Mental Imagery and Memory among Mental Functions
Fred Kuhlmann

Auditory Tests
Benjamin Richard Andrews

Reviewed Work: Das Delirium Alcoholicum Febrile Magnan's by Dr. Alzheimer
Isador H. Coriat

A Study in Precocity and Prematuration
Lewis M. Terman


Front Matter

Front Matter

Reviewed Work: Archives of Neurology from the Pathological Laboratory of the London County Asylums. Vol. II, 1903 by F. W. Mott

Some Recent Literature on Traumatic Insanity

The Effects of Closing the Eyes upon the Fluctuations of the Attention
Bertha Killen

Reviewed Work: The Psychological Bulletin

Reviewed Work: Vergleichende Psychiatrie by F. Kraepelin

Reviewed Work: The Journal of Infectious Diseases by Ludvig Hektoen, Edwin O. Jordan

Reviewed Work: La Philosophie en Amérique depuis les origines jusqu'a nos jours (1607-1900) by L. van Becelaere

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 15, No. 3

Experimental Studies in Mental Deficiency: Three Cases of Imbecility (Mongolian) and Six Cases of Feeblemindedness
F. Kuhlmann

Reviewed Work: Macedonian Folklore by G. F. Abbott


Reviewed Work: Response in the Living and Non-Living by Jagadis Chunder Bose

The First German Congress for Experimental Psychology
C. Spearman

Reviewed Work: Why the Mind Has a Body by C. A. Strong
I. Madison Bentley

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 15, No. 2

Reviewed Work: A Journey to Lhasa and Central Tibet by Sarat Chandra Das

Reviewed Work: Ethnic Factors in South America by Talcott Williams

Reviewed Work: The Theory of Advertising by Walter Dill Scott

Reviewed Work: Evolution and Adaptation by Thomas Hunt Morgan

Nocturnal Emissions

Contribution à la Psychologie du Rêve
H. Beaunis

Binocular Vision and the Problem of Knowledge
James H. Hyslop

Deception and Reality
August Kirschmann

A Study of the Accuracy of the Present Methods of Testing Fatigue
A. Caswell Ellis and Maud Margaret Shipe

The State of Death: An Instance of Internal Adaptation
James H. Leuba

Ein Beitrag zur Experimentellen Aesthetik
O. Kuelpe

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 14, No. 2

Reviewed Work: Agnosticism by Robert Flint
P. E. Winter

Front Matter

Reviewed Work: Les Obsessions et la Psychasthénie by F. Raymond, Pierre Janet

A Plea for Summaries and Indexes
E. B. Titchener

Professor Calkins on Mental Arrangement
I. Madison Bentley

Front Matter

Volume Information

The Bird Lover as a Scientist
O. G. Libby

Reviewed Work: Festschrift Wilhelm Wundt zum siebzigsten Geburtstage überreicht von seinen Schülern by W. Engelmann

Mental Growth and Decay
Edmund Clark Sanford

Reviewed Work: Facts and Comments by Herbert Spencer

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 13, No. 3

Reviewed Work: Outlines of Metaphysics by J. S. MacKenzie
R. M. Moore

A Contribution to the Psychology of Rhythm
Charles H. Sears

The Relation of the Fluctuations of Judgments in the Estimation of Time Intervals to Vaso-Motor Waves
H. C. Stevens

Reviewed Work: Experimental Psychology. A Manual of Laboratory Practice. Volume I, Qualitative Experiments by Edward Bradford Titchener
James Rowland Angell

A Genetic Study of Rhythm
C. R. Squire

An Analytic Study of the Memory Image and the Process of Judgment in the Discrimination of Clangs and Tones
Guy Montrose Whipple

Improvements in the Vernier Chronoscope
E. C. Sanford

A Method of Mapping Retinal Circulation by Projection
R. M. Ogden

E. B. Titchener and Norman Triplett

On the Psychology and Physiology of Reading. II
Edmund B. Huey

A Comparison of Judgments for Weights Lifted with the Hand and Foot
A. J. Kinnaman

Experimental Study of the Mental Processes of the Rat. II
Willard S. Small

Reviewed Work: Prison Laboratories by C. R. Henderson
Ezra Allen

The Necessity for a New Standpoint in Sleep Theories
Henry Hubbard Foster

On the Correlation of Mental and Motor Ability in School Children
William Chandler Bagley

Reviewed Work: Über Psychologie der individuellen Differenzen (Ideen zu einer Differentiellen Psychologie) by L. William Stern
Lillie J. Martin

Reviewed Work: La question des méthodes en psychologie by M. Guido Villa
M. F. Libby

Books Received

Reviewed Work: Psychologische Schulversuche mit Angabe der Apparate by Hofler, Witasek
E. C. S.

Norman Triplett

Creeping and Walking
August W. Trettien

The Fallacy of Extreme Idealism
Stephen Sheldon Colvin

The Psychology of Conjuring Deceptions
Norman Triplett

Books Received

Reviewed Work: A Study of the Sense Epithets of Shelley and Keats by Mary Grace Caldwell
E. C. S.

Reviewed Work: Die moderne physiologische Psychologie in Deutschland, eine historisch-kritische Untersuchung mit besonderer Berücksichtigung des Problems der Aufmerksamkeit by W. Heinrich
F. A.

Experiments upon the Control of the Reflex Wink
George E. Partridge

Fluctuation of the Attention to Musical Tones
H. O. Cook

Notes and News

Front Matter

Reviewed Work: La Prostitution Clandestine à Paris by O. Commenge
E. B. T.

Books Received

Front Matter

Suggestions toward a Laboratory Course in Comparative Psychology
Linus W. Kline

Frederick E. Bolton

Reviewed Work: The Gospel According to Darwin by Woods Hutchinson

Reviewed Work: The Students' Life of Jesus by George Halley Gilbert
W. S. S.

Reviewed Work: Essai d'une Philosophie Nouvelle by Léonce Ribert

Reviewed Work: Névroses et Idées Fixes by F. Raymond, Pierre Janet

Reviewed Work: Affirmations by Havelock Ellis

Reviewed Work: Degeneracy: Its Causes, Signs and Results by Eugene S. Talbot

Reviewed Work: Archives of Neurology and Psychopathology

Reviewed Work: Psychologie der Veränderungsauffassung by L. Wm. Stern

Methods in Animal Psychology
Linus W. Kline

Reviewed Work: The Study of the Child by A. R. Taylor

Reviewed Work: Die Masturbation by H. Rohleder

The Migratory Impulse vs. Love of Home
Linus W. Kline

Reviewed Work: L'Illusion de Fausse Reconnaissance by E. Bernard-Leroy

Front Matter

Reviewed Work: Piratical Acculturation by W. J. McGee
A. F. C.

J. O. Quantz

Reviewed Work: Scipio Sighele. Psychologie des Sectes by L. Brandin
Albert Schinz

The English of the Psychophysical Measurement Methods
E. B. Titchener

Reviewed Work: Memory and Its Cultivation by F. W. Eldridge Green

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 9, No. 3

Some Aspects of the Early Sense of Self
G. Stanley Hall

Reviewed Work: Psychologie des Sectes by Scipio Sighele

Reviewed Works: Raumaesthetik und geometrisch-optische Täuschungen by Theodor Lipps; Die geometrisch-optischen Täuschungen by Wilhelm Wundt
E. B. T.

Reviewed Work: Christianity and Idealism by John Watson
I. Madison Bentley

Reviewed Work: I Reflessi Vascolari nelle Membra e nel Cervello dell' uomo per varî Stimoli e per varie condizioni fisiologiche e sperimentali by M. L. Patrizi

Book Notes
G. S. H.

Reviewed Work: Sull' Importanza delle Ricerche relative alla Storia delle Scienze by Dott. Giovanni Vailati

Reviewed Work: I Cambiamenti Microscopici delle Cellule Nervose nella loro Attivita funzionale e sotto l'Azione di Agenti Stimolanti e Distruttori by Giambattista Valenza
C. F. H.

The Psycho-Physiology of the Moral Imperative
James H. Leuba

A Study of Certain Methods of Distracting the Attention. I. Addition and Cognate Exercises: Discrimination of Odors
F. E. Moyer

Reviewed Work: A Comparative Study of the Point of Acute Vision in the Vertebrates by J. R. Slonaker
C. F. H.

Old Age and Death
Colin A. Scott

Reviewed Work: The Arrow by F. H. Cushing
Alex. F. Chamberlain

Reviewed Work: Die Anfänge der Kunst by E. Grosse
Alex. F. Chamberlain

Reviewed Work: The Growth of Indian Mythologies by F. Boas
Alex. F. Chamberlain

Light Intensity and Depth Perception
T. R. Robinson

Attention: Experimental and Critical
Frank Drew

Reviewed Work: Defective Development of the Cerebellum of a Puppy by J. S. Risien Russell
C. F. H.

Reviewed Works: Das Verhältnis von Accommodation und Konvergenz zur Tiefenlokalisation by Franz Hillebrand; On the Relation of Accommodation and Convergence to Our Sense of Depth by E. T. Dixon
E. C. S.

Reviewed Work: Die moderne physiologische Psychologie in Deutschland. Ein historischkritische Untersuchung mit besonderer Berúcksichtigung des Problems der Aufmerksamkeit by W. Heinrich
Arthur Allin

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 7, No. 3

Arthur Allin

Reviewed Work: The Sense Organs of Lumbricus Agricola (Hoffm) by Fanny E. Langdon
C. F. H.

Reviewed Work: Ueber das Grundprincip der Association; Inaugural Dissertation by Arthur Allin
Arthur Allin

Reviewed Work: L'Amitié Antique d'après les Mœurs Populaire et les Theories des Philosophes by L. Dugas

Reviewed Work: Tempérament et Caractère selon les Individus, les Sexes, et les Races by Alfred Fouillée

Reviewed Works: Ueber die sogenaanten Granula der Nervenzellen by Franz Nissl; Ueber die Nomenklatur in der Nervenzellenanatomie und ihre nächsten Ziele by Franz Nissl; Mittheilung zur Anatomie der Nervenzellen by Franz Nissl
C. F. Hodge

Reviewed Work: The Folk-Foods of the Rio Grande Valley and of Northern Mexico by John G. Bourke
Alex. F. Chamberlain

Reviewed Works: Pain, Pleasure and Æsthetics by Marshall; Beiträge zur Physiologie des Schmerzsinns by M. von Frey; Die Sensibilität der Conjunctiva und Cornea des menschlichen Auges by W. A. Nagel; The Origin of Pleasure and Pain by H. Nichols; Schmerz und Temperaturempfindung by Z. Oppenheimer; Ueber den Schmerz by A. Goldscheider
G. W. A. Luckey

Reviewed Work: The Growth of the Brain. A Study of the Nervous System in Relation to Education by Henry Herbert Donaldson
C. F. Hodge

Reviewed Work: On Some of the Newer Aspects of the Pathology of Insanity by W. Lloyd Andriezen
C. F. Hodge

On the Affective Tone of Simple Sense-Impressions
D. R. Major

Reviewed Work: Migration and the Food-Quest by O. T. Mason

Reviewed Work: The Anthropology of the North American Indian by Franz Boas

Reviewed Work: Ueber ein neues Eintheilungsprincip der Grosshirnoberfläche by P. Flechsig

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 6, No. 4

Reviewed Work: Histological Changes Induced in Sympathetic, Motor and Sensory Nerve Cells by Functional Activity by Gustav Mann

Reviewed Work: I Misteri della scrittura. Lettura tenuta al Circolo sociale Trevigiano il 16 Aprile, 1893 by Giuseppe Stucchi
A. F. C.

Reviewed Works: A Microscopical Study of the Nerve Cell during Electrical Stimulation by C. F. Hodge; Changes in Ganglion Cells from Birth to Senile Death; Man and Honey-Bee by C. F. Hodge; Die Nervenzelle bei der Geburt und beim Tode an Alterschwäche by C. F. Hodge

Reviewed Work: Schmerz und Temperaturempfindung by Z. Oppenheimer

Reviewed Work: African Fetishism by Chatelain Heli

Reviewed Work: Entwurf einer ontologischen Begrundung des Seinsollen by Gustav Engel

Reviewed Work: A Review of Evolutionary Ethics by C. M. Williams

On the Least Observable Interval between Stimuli Addressed to Disparate Senses and to Different Organs of the Same Sense
Alice J. Hamlin

Reviewed Work: Le Crime et la Peine by Louis Proal

Reviewed Work: Grundriss der Psychologie, auf experimenteller Grundlage dargestellt by Oswald Külpe
E. B. Titchener

Reviewed Work: Die Medecin der Naturvölker by Max Bartels

Reviewed Work: The Native Calendar of Central America and Mexico; A Study in Linguistics and Symbolism by D. G. Brinton

Studies in the Psychology of Touch
F. B. Dresslar

Reviewed Work: Ueber die Bedeutung der psychiatrischen Unterrichts für Heilkunde. Antrittsrede in Utrecht by C. Winkles

Reviewed Work: I Problemi dell' Ipnotismo. Letture tenute all' Ateneo Trevigiano nei giorni 22 Maggio e 19 Giugno, 1892 by Giuseppe Stucchi
A. F. C.

Reviewed Works: The Formation of the Medullary Groove and Some Other Features of Embryonic Development in the Elasmobranchs by William A. Locy; The Optic Vesicles of Elasmobranchs and Their Serial Relation to Other Structures on the Cephalic Plate by William A. Locy; Metameric Segmentation in the Medullary Folds and Embryonic Rim. (Prelim. Comm.) by William A. Locy

Reviewed Work: Brain Preservation, with a Résumé of Some Old and New Methods by Pierre A. Fish

Reviewed Work: Neue Darstellung vom histologischen Bau des Centralnervensystems by Ramon y Cajal

Reviewed Work: Dégénérescence by Max Nordau

Accurate Work in Psychology
E. W. Scripture

Reviewed Work: Pedagogisch-psychometrische Studien. Zwei vorläufige Mitteilungen by Robert Keller
J. A. B.

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 6, No. 3

Reviewed Work: Ueber den Einfluss der Geschwindigkeit des Pulses auf die Zeitdauer der Reactionszeit bei Schalleindrücken by van Biervliet

Reviewed Work: Polysynthesis in the Languages of the American Indians by J. N. B. Hewitt, J. Owen Dorsey

Reviewed Work: Die Ferienkolonien in der Schweiz in den ersten, 15 Jahren ihrer Entwickelung, 1876-1890 by A. Marthaler

Reviewed Work: The Pursuit of Happiness by D. G. Brinton

Reviewed Works: Ueber Gesichtsfeld-ermüduny und deren Beziehung zur concentrischen Gesichtsfeldeinschränkung bei Erkrankungen des Centralnervensystems by Wilhelm König; On the Physical Nature of Hysterical Unilateral Amblyopia and Sensitivo-sensorial Hemianæsthesia by Bernheim; On the Visual Path and Center by S. E. Henschen
C. F. Hodge

Psychic Effects of the Weather
J. S. Lemon

Reviewed Works: Zur Frage über den Bau der Nervenzellen und über das Verhältniss ihres axencylinder (Nerven) Fortsatzes zu den Protoplasmafortsätzen (Dendriten) by A. S. Dogiel; Zur Frage über das Verhalten der Nervenzellen zu einander by A. S. Dogiel
C. F. Hodge

Reviewed Work: Untersuchungen über die Entwickelung der Area und Fovea centralis retinæ by J. H. Chievitz
C. F. Hodge

Reviewed Work: Russian Folk-Songs. A Study in Musical Psychology by J. C. Fillmore
C. W. D.

Reviewed Work: Grundzüge der Physiologischen Psychologie by Wilhelm Wundt

Reviewed Work: A Physiological, Histological and Clinical Study of the Degeneration and Regeneration in Peripheral Nerve Fibers after Severance of Connections with the Nerve Centers by W. H. Howell, G. C. Huber
C. F. Hodge

Reviewed Work: Experimentelle Beiträge zur Untersuchung des Gedächtnisses by G. E. Müller, F. Schumann

"Mediate" Association
H. C. Howe

Reviewed Work: Des Hallucenations de l'Ouïe by G. Descourtis

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 6, No. 1

The Psychological Basis of Hegelism
Alexander Fraser

A New Pendulum Chronograph
Edmund C. Sanford

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 5, No. 3

Studies from the University of Wisconsin: On the Judgment of Angles and Positions of Lines
Joseph Jastrow

The Training of Animals
James E. Le Rossignol

Reviewed Work: The Influence of Muscular States on Consciousness; Mind by Delabarre
J. M. Baldwin

Reviewed Work: Le Problème d'Achille by G. Mouret

Reviewed Work: Recherches experimentale sur la sensibilité de l'ovaire by Buys
J. F. Angell

Reviewed Work: Ueber das Vorhandsein von Geschmackiempfindung im Kehlkopf by P. Michelson
E. H. S. Bailey

Reviewed Work: Sur la norme de l'acuite olfactive (olfactie) by Zwaardemaker
E. H. S. Bailey

Pseudo-Chromesthesia, or the Association of Colors with Words, Letters and Sounds
William O. Krohn

Reviewed Work: Il piacere estetico eola fisiologia del bello by Pilo Mario
E. Pace

Reviewed Work: Du role de l'alcoolisme dans l'étiologie de la paralysie générale by Rousset

Reviewed Work: A Study of Nineteen Cases of General Paralysis of the Insane by Blackburn

Reviewed Work: Demonstrations pratiqes avec L'olfactometre et le pésevapeur by Les Odeurs, M. Charles Henry
E. H. S. Bailey

Reviewed Work: La paralysie générale à l'asile de Dijon (de 1843 à 1889) by Chevalier

Reviewed Work: Ueber die akut verlaufende depressive Form der Dementia paralytica by Buddeberg

Reviewed Work: Sur la physiologie comparée de l'olefaction by M. Raphael Dubois
E. H. S. Bailey

Reviewed Work: Confusional Insanity

Reviewed Work: Alienation mentale par troubles de la nutrition, preuves expérimentales de l'existence de ce genre d'alienation by Mairet, Bosc

Reviewed Work: Note sur le diagnostic différentiel de la lypémanie hypocondriaque et de la paralysie générale progressive by Regis

Reviewed Work: De l'alcoolisme et de la paralysie générale by Rocques

Reviewed Work: Deux fractures spontanées chez un paralytique générale by Froelich

J. McK. Cattell

Experimental Research upon the Phenomena of Attention
James R. Angell and Arthur H. Pierce

Reviewed Work: Prüfung der sogennannten Farbendreiecke mit Hülfe des Farbensinnes excentrischer Netzhautstellen by Hering
E. C. Sanford

Reviewed Work: Ueber Psychosen nach Augen-Operationen by Frankl-Hochwart
William Noyes

Reviewed Work: Cases of Post-Febrile Insanity by William Osler
William Noyes

Reviewed Work: The So-Called Motor Area of the Cortex by Edward B. Lane

Reviewed Work: Folie post-opératoire by Prof. Mairet
William Noyes

Reviewed Work: Insanity Following Surgical Operations by Lawson Tait
William Noyes

Report of Six Lectures on Cerebral Localization
Henry H. Donaldson and T. L. Bolton

Reviewed Work: The Principles of Psychology by William James

Reviewed Work: Proceedings of the Physiological Society

Reviewed Work: Zur Diagnostik der Farbenblindheit by E. Hering

Reviewed Work: Untersuchung eines Falles von halbseitiger Farbensinnsstörung am linken Auge by C. Hess

Reviewed Work: Zur feineren Anatomie des centralen Nerven-systems. Zweite Beitrag. Das Rücken-Mark by A. Kölliker

Reviewed Work: Zur interaurealen Lokalisation diotischer Wahrnehmungen by Karl L. Schaefer

Volume Information

Reviewed Work: La psicologia in rapporto alle ultime nozioni di fisiologia del cervello by L. Bianchi

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 3, No. 4

Reviewed Work: Ueber die Methoden der Messung des Bewusstseinsumfanges by W. Wundt
E. C. S.

Reviewed Work: Ueber die Wahrnehmung und Lokalisation von Schwebungen und Differenztönen by Karl L. Schaefer

The Insanity of Jean Jacques Rousseau
William Noyes

Reviewed Work: Philosophy in Homeopathy by C. S. Mack

Reviewed Work: De l'Assistance, compte rendu officiel (in extenso) du congrès international tenu à Paris en 1889

On a Curious Visual Phenomenon
Joseph LeConte

Reviewed Work: Endowed Charities by Courtney Kenny

Reviewed Work: The Restoration of the Criminal by Frederick H. Wines
Arthur MacDonald

Reviewed Work: Klinische Beiträge zur Melancholie by E. Mendel
William Noyes

Reviewed Work: On the Descending Degenerations Which Follow the Lesions of the Gyrus Marginalis and the Gyrus Fornicatus in Monkeys by E. P. France

The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. 3, No. 2

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Reviewed Work: Climatic Influences in Primitive Architecture by Barr Ferree

Reviewed Work: Psychopathologie des Bewusstseins für Aerzte und Juristen by F. C. Müller

Reviewed Works: De l'inversion de l'instinct sexuel by Chevalier; Die krankhaften Erscheinungen des Geschlechtssinnes by Tarnowski; Physiologie de l'amour by Gley; Le fétichisme dans l'amour by Binet; Psychopathia sexualis by Krafft-Ebing

Reviewed Work: Histologische Studien an der menschlichen Netzhaut by Prof. Kuhnt
C. L. F.

Reviewed Work: Die willkürliche Hervorbringung des Geschlechts bei Menschen und Hausthieren by Janke

Arthur MacDonald

Reviewed Work: On Poisoned Arrows in Melanesia by R. H. Codrington

Reviewed Work: Le Crime en pays Créoles by A. Corre

Reviewed Work: L'Alcoholismo, sue conseguenze morali e sue cause by Napoleone Colajanni

Reviewed Work: Ueber Nachbilder im Binocularen Sehen und die binocularen Farbenerscheinungen überhaupt by H. Ebbinghaus
C. L. F.

Reviewed Work: Effect on Women of Imperfect Hygiene of the Sexual Function by Taylor

Reviewed Work: Recherches sur les mouvements volontaires dans l'anesthésie hystérique by A. Binet

Reviewed Work: Die Continuitüt des Keimplasmas als Grundlage einer Theorie der Vererbung by Weismann

Reviewed Work: Ueber die Dauer des Lebens by Weismann

Reviewed Work: Der Zeitsinn by Münsterberg

Reviewed Work: Versuche über den Einfluss des Schlafes auf den Stoffwechsel by H. Laehr

Reviewed Work: Die psychologische Forschung und ihre Aufgabe in der Gegenwart; Akademische Antrittsrede by H. Spitta

Reviewed Work: Ricerche anatomo-comparative sulla distribuzione delle arterie nella superficie encephalica di alcuni mammiferi by R. Staderini

Reviewed Work: Die Seelenthätigkeit in ihrem Verhältniss zu Blutumlauf und Athmung by Ernst Leumann

Reviewed Work: Change of Life by Tilt

Reviewed Work: Schwankungen der Aufmerksamkeit by Münsterberg

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Volume Information

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