American Philosophical Quarterly

Editor: Patrick Grim


Current Volume: 61 (2024)
Issued quarterly (January, April, July, and October)
ISSN: 0003-0481
eISSN: 2152-1123


Since its inauguration in 1964, the American Philosophical Quarterly (APQ) has established itself as one of the principal English vehicles for the publication of scholarly work in philosophy. The whole of each issue—printed in a large-page, double-column format—is given to substantial articles; from time to time there are also "state of the art" surveys of recent work on particular topics. The editorial policy is to publish work of high quality, regardless of the school of thought from which it derives.

APQ is published by the University of Illinois Press on behalf of North American Philosophical Publications.


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Patrick Grim
University of Michigan
Center for Study of Complex Systems


  • Robert Francis Almeder, Georgia State University
  • Professor Nomy Arplay, Brown University
  • Professor Bradley Armour-Garb, SUNY Albany
  • Professor Paul Humphreys, University of Virginia
  • Professor Jonathan L. Kvanvig, Baylor University
  • Professor Jennifer Lackey, Northwestern University
  • Professor Marc Lange, University of North Carolina
  • Professor Alfred Mele, Florida State University
  • Professor Paul Moser, Loyola University Chicago
  • Professor Neil Tennant, Ohio State University
  • Associate Professor Patrick Toner, Wake Forest College

PDF Policy

PDFs are permitted and issued for the following:

  • Tenure dossier.
  • Special workshops the author is moderating.
  • Other requests to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • All PDFs will include a statement of copyright and a provision that the articles will not be photocopied, distributed, or used for purposes other than the terms agreed to by UIP.
Preprints are permitted for:
  • University repositories; UIP requires a publication statement to be posted along with the preprint.
  • Some journals have their own established policies and procedures for preprints. Please be sure to first check their respective Web sites before sending your request.
Postprints are permitted for:
  • Non-profit archives and repositories; Articles must be at least one year old. UIP requires a publication statement to be posted along with the postprint and a link back to the journal of publication's home page on the UIP website.
  • Personal and commercial Web sites; Articles must be at least three years old. UIP requires a publication statement to be posted along with the postprint and a link back to the journal of publication's home page on the UIP website.
Please contact the Intellectual Property Manager for more information.

Please send all requests to:

Angela Burton
Intellectual Property Manager


The American Philosophical Quarterly welcomes original articles that advance our understanding of philosophical problems or positions, on any aspect of philosophy apart from history. Articles are subject to blind review and evaluated based on originality, rigor, depth of insight, mastery of relevant literature, and lucidity of style. The journal does not publish news items, book reviews, critical notices, or "discussion notes" (short or long). The journal does not consider articles under consideration elsewhere.

Contributions should be 2,000 to 7,000 words in length, include an informative abstract of fewer than 125 words, up to 5 key words, and be formatted as a Word document (or a file type compatible with MS Word). All files should be double spaced throughout. Endnotes are preferred to footnotes and should be used sparingly. Authors should follow the Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition) in preparing manuscripts for APQ. In order to ensure anonymity of submissions, authors using Word are advised to go to "File. . .Properties. . ." and delete all author-identifying information, under all tabs.

Authors can download the APQ Style Guide

Articles should be submitted electronically to the APQ online manuscript submission system. This secure, personalized resource will allow you to track your manuscript through each step of the review and acceptance process. To begin, click on the link below to set up your personal account and upload your submission. Your transmitted material will be reviewed as soon as possible.

The APQ will not publish material that has already appeared elsewhere. This is not at odds with authors sharing their papers with selected individuals whose comments they would welcome or whom they wish for other reasons to inform about their work. But it precludes pre-publication with broadcast dissemination, alike in print or electronically in open-access forums such as

Submit to American Philosophical Quarterly

Notices of Books Received

The journal occasionally prints notices of books received.
Books submitted for this list should be sent to:

Nicholas Rescher
Executive Editor, APQ
Department of Philosophy
1012 Cathedral of Learning
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

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Featured Articles

Simon-Pierre Chevarie-Cossette

Cameron Boult

Jonah Goldwater

Michael Hannon

Bo R. Meinertsen

Trial by Design
Talia Fisher

Collateral Legal Consequences and Criminal Sentencing
Zachary Hoskins

Georgi Gardiner

Just Judge: The Jury on Trial
Joe Slater

Introduction, Summary, Questions for the Future: Philosophical Dimensions of the Trial
Lewis Ross; Miguel Egler; Lisa Bastian

Reasons, Weight, and Hybrid Approaches to the Metaphysics of Practical Normativity
Cory Davia

Sufficient Conditions for Counterfactual Transitivity and Antecedent Strengthening
Tristan Grøtvedt Haze

Postsemantic Peirceanism
Andrea Iacona; Samuele Iaquinto

Recent Work on Skepticism in Epistemology
Chris Ranalli

Gratitude for (One's Own) Life
Matthew Lee Anderson

Virtue Ethics in Social Theory: Defending a Volitional Analysis of Racism from Tommie Shelby's Challenges
J. L. A. Garcia

What Does it Mean to Say “The Criminal Justice System is Racist”?
Amelia M. Wirts

Structural Racism Within Reason
Alisa Bierria

Is Racism Essentially Systemic?
Michael O. Hardimon

Race and Class Together
Lawrence Blum

Systematicity and Skepticism
Aaron Segal

Living in the Moment is for Oysters
George Sher

Fine-Tuning Should Make Us More Confident that Other Universes Exist
Bradford Saad

Interthematic Polarization
Finnur Dellsén

Aesthetic Testimony and Aesthetic Concepts
Andrea Sauchelli

Evidence and Emotions: The Problem of Propositional Justification
Artūrs Logins

Eliciting and Assessing our Moral Risk Preferences
Shang Long Yeo

Against an Argument for Objective Probabilities of Undetermined Choices
Daniele Conti

Agentive Modals and Agentive Modality: A Cautionary Tale
Timothy Kearl; Robert H. Wallace

Binary Properties as the Basis of Equality
Nethanel Lipshitz

The Nature and Norms of Vigilance
Samuel Murray

Are Phenomenal Theories of Thought Chauvinistic?
Preston Lennon

Testimonial Injustice and the Ideology Which Produces It: The Case for a New Approach to Testimonial Justice
Dan Lowe

Is Discrimination Harmful?
Andreas Bengtson

Moral Responsibility Must Look Back
Daniel Coren