Visual Arts Research

Editor: Laura Hetrick, Jorge Lucero, and Sarah Travis


Current Volume: 49 (2023)
Issued biannually (Summer and Winter)
ISSN: 0736-0770
eISSN: 2151-8009


Visual Arts Research (VAR) provides a forum for historical, critical, cultural, psychological, educational, and conceptual research in visual arts and aesthetic education. Unusual in its length and breadth, VAR typically publishes 9 - 12 scholarly papers per issue and remains committed to its original mission to provide a venue for both longstanding research questions and traditions alongside emerging interests and methodologies.


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Laura Hetrick, Jorge Lucero, and Sarah Travis

Visual Arts Research
143 Art and Design
University of Illinois
Champaign, IL 61820

PDF Policy

PDFs are permitted and issued for the following:

  • Tenure dossier.
  • Special workshops the author is moderating.
  • Other requests to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
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Visual Arts Research

Manuscripts of approximately 4,500 words should be submitted electronically to the Visual Arts Research online manuscript submission system. This secure, personalized resource will allow you to track your manuscript through each step of the review and acceptance process. To begin, click on the link below to set up your personal account and upload your submission. Your transmitted material will be reviewed as soon as possible.

Make a new Manuscript Submission Upload account

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READ BEFORE SUBMITTING: Submissions should follow the recommendations of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 7th edition, 2021. Accompanying tables, figures, images, or illustrations should appear at the end of each manuscript, and must be submitted in accordance with APA guidelines (click here to download).

All manuscripts are blind reviewed by members of the Visual Arts Research Editorial Board. Figures, images, or illustrations accompanying final accepted manuscripts must be submitted as separate electronic files, properly labeled, formatted as TIFF documents, 300 dpi, and sized in height and width dimensions approximate to how the writer wishes these materials to appear in the journal. Only high quality images or figures will be accepted. Images appearing in accepted manuscripts must comply with U.S. copyright laws. Writers will be asked to obtain permission for VAR to publish copyrighted photographs, illustrations, or images. Visual Arts Research will provide blank permission forms to authors, which must be returned prior to final acceptance.

Featured Articles

Editor's Note: Queering Art Education
Courtnie N. Wolfgang

Part 1, Learning to Be Black: Unreconciled Strivings of DL and Black Gay Male Identity
Alphonso Walter Grant

Finding (One)self in Art Education: A Queer Conversation
Darden Bradshaw and Ria

Poster Queers: A Visual Analysis of an LGBTQ+ Film Festival
Jessica L. Huth

Big Gay Church VARchive: Decade One
James H. Sanders III, Mindi Rhoades, Kim Cosier and Courtnie N. Wolfgang

Queer Up! Application of Queer Representation in Art Education
Meng-Jung Yang and Kevin Hsieh

Redefining Controversy and Outness: Honest Queer Art Education in the South
Madison Manning

The Personal Is Pedagogical: Manifesting Queerness in an Academic Department
Dana Carlisle Kletchka, Joni Boyd Acuff, Christine Ballengee Morris, James H. Sanders III and Shari Savage

Exploring the Implications of Melanie Yergeau's Neuroqueer for Art Education
Michelle Attias

Part 2, What It Means to Be Black: DL, Black, and Black Gay Male Images in Media—A Television Criticism
Alphonso Walter Grant