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Mormon Studies Review

Quincy D. Newell and Benjamin E. Park, editors

Journal of Book of Mormon Studies

Joseph M. Spencer, editor

Journal of Mormon History

Jessie Embry, editor

Connecticut History Review

Cecelia Bucki, editor

Journal of Sport History

Maureen Smith, editor

Journal of Appalachian Studies

Shaunna Scott, editor

The Polish Review

Neal Pease, editor

Black Music Research Journal

Gayle Murchison, editor

History of the Present

Named 2012's 'Best New Journal' by the Council of Editors of Learned Journals

Scandinavian Studies

Susan Brantly and Thomas A DuBois, editors


Ellen Koskoff, editor

Journal of Film and Video

Michael Clarke, editor

Calls for Papers

See below for our current calls for papers. All of our journals accept ongoing submissions; use the drop down menu to navigate to the submission guidelines for the journal of your choosing.

The Journal of Appalachian Studies is seeking articles based on original empirical research, including applied research, as well as literary criticism and reflections on conceptual, theoretical, and methodological issues in Appalachian studies.

We will consider rigorous scholarship from scholars, teachers, activists, and others whose work focuses on the Appalachian region. The current editor invites scholarship which compares the Appalachian region to other regions in the world and places the region in a critical, global context. All submissions are expected to demonstrate an understanding of relevant Appalachian Studies literature.

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to the JAS online manuscript submission portal. For more information visit our website: http://appalachianstudies.org/journal/submissions.php

The University of Pittsburgh's Jazz Studies program in collaboration with the University of Illinois Press invites scholars and artists to submit proposals for research articles, reviews, and oral histories for upcoming issues of the journal Jazz and Culture. We are currently reviewing material for Volume 3, slated for publication in Spring 2020.

Jazz and Culture
is an annual, peer-reviewed publication devoted to publishing cutting-edge research on jazz from multiple perspectives. All methodological approaches are welcome, including ethno/musicology, music theory, and critical and cultural studies. Drawing upon recent trends in music scholarship, we further seek to interrogate a range of issues connecting music, race, class, gender, and other realms of social practice. We particularly encourage submissions exploring the music's international scope.

We request submissions in the following categories:
Academic Articles in approximately 10,000 words.
Oral Histories of Jazz Artists
Book and Media Reviews (1,000-2,000 words)

For submission guidelines email pittjazz@pitt.edu.

For questions, or to inquire about books and media for review, please email: editor-in-chief Michael Heller at Michael.Heller@pitt.edu.

The Journal of Civil and Human Rights is now accepting submissions for the December 2020 issue. Proposals will be accepted until the end of June 2019.

The Journal of Civil and Human Rights is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, academic journal dedicated to studying modern U.S.-based social justice movements and freedom struggles, including transnational ones, and their antecedents, influence, and legacies. The journal features research-based articles, interviews, editorials, state-of-the-field pieces, and book forums.


For more information regarding submission guidelines and journal style, see https://www.press.uillinois.edu/journals/jchr/submissions.html

For questions contact, Michael Ezra, Editor, at ezra@sonoma.edu


Call for Papers for the inaugural issue of Journal of Olympic Studies
(Coming in 2020)

The Center for Sociocultural Sport and Olympic Research (CSSOR), housed at the California State University, Fullerton, in collaboration with the University of Illinois Press are proud to announce the launch of the Journal of Olympic Studies (JOS). With two issues per year, JOS offers an international scholarly forum in the field of Olympic research. We invite scholars to submit articles (5,000-10,000 words) for our inaugural issues, slated for release in Spring and Fall of 2020. The JOS will publish academic work on the Olympic Movement from scholars in the fields of history, philosophy, management, sociology, communication, classics, literature, anthropology, cultural studies, economics, marketing, and law. By placing scholars from various disciplines side-by-side on the common topic of the Olympic Games, JOS (available in both print and electronic format and marketed to a global scholarly audience) aims to promote and encourage a multi-disciplinary understanding of the Olympic Movement.


For more information regarding submission guidelines and journal style, see https://www.press.uillinois.edu/journals/jos/submissions.html


For questions contact Matthew P. Llewellyn, Editor, at mllewellyn@fullerton.edu



Call for Papers for a Special Issue of Public Affairs Quarterly on "Punishment, Blame, and Forgiveness"

This special issue will feature articles that bring philosophical analysis to bear on issues involving punishment, blame, and forgiveness, though there is no presumption that any one paper will focus on more than one of these themes. Possible topics include, but are not limited to, discussions of the following in general or in particular policy contexts (e.g., prison reform or abolition, health care, international relations, sports, education, the internet): justifications for punishment, alternatives to punishment, capital punishment, corporal punishment, punishment in non-legal contexts, punishment of children, the nature of blame, the function and justification of blame, standing to blame, blame and excuses, the nature of forgiveness, the value of forgiveness, self-forgiveness, forgiveness and reconciliation, and related subjects such as reparations and restitution.

Submissions on any philosophical topic relating to punishment, blame, or forgiveness will be considered. Submissions should be in Microsoft Word format and should be double-spaced and prepared for blind review. The journal prefers manuscripts of 4,000-10,000 words in length but articles outside these limits may still be considered.

Articles intended for consideration for inclusion in this issue should be submitted by December 31, 2019 via the journal's online submission process at http://ojs.press.illinois.edu/index.php/paq/. Questions about potential submissions should be directed to the Editor, David Boonin, at david.boonin@colorado.edu.

The Polish Review invites proposals for the Seventh World Congress on Polish Studies

The Polish Institute of Arts & Sciences of America is pleased to invite proposals for the Seventh World Congress on Polish Studies

to be held in Gdańsk, Poland, June 14-16, 2019.

Proposals are solicited for complete sessions or individual papers in any of the disciplines in the liberal arts, sciences, or business/economics. The general theme of the conference is "Anniversaries," which, because 2019 lends itself to the remembrance of so many varied historical moments, should be interpreted as any formative event. Papers do not necessarily have to address the conference theme. Since the Institute values comparative sessions that place the Polish and East Central European experience in context, individual papers need not focus specifically on Poland or the Polish diaspora, but may include papers on a central topic that focus on other national or regional experiences. Similarly, sessions including presenters from more than one country are encouraged.

Each session is scheduled for 90 minutes to accommodate three papers or about 20 minutes per paper. The conference language is English, although complete sessions in Polish will also be accepted (sessions must contain either all English or all Polish presentations). All conference rooms will be equipped with AV for the use of PowerPoint and CD/DVD presentations. Presenters are invited to submit their conference papers for possible publication in The Polish Review subsequent to the conference.

To submit a paper or complete session, please send the name, e-mail address, institutional affiliation, a tentative paper title and a brief one-paragraph abstract for all presenters to program chair James Pula at jpula@pnw.edu. The deadline for proposals is March 15, 2019. All participants are expected to pay the conference registration fee.