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Welcome to the University of Illinois Press’s virtual exhibit for the 2022 American Historical Association annual meeting. Please step inside our virtual booth and browse new books, journals, author interviews, and more. Use promo code AHA22 for 50% off all history books January 6-9, 2022. Buy three books and receive a free issue of the Journal of Civil and Human Rights.

Featured Books

Journal of American Ethnic History and Related Books

The Journal of American Ethnic History (JAEH) addresses various aspects of North American immigration history and American ethnic history, including background of emigration, ethnic and racial groups, Native Americans, race and ethnic relations.

Journal of Sports History and Related Books

The Journal of Sport History seeks to promote the study of all aspects of the history of sport. We invite the submission of scholarly articles, research notes, documents, and commentary.

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Featured Journals

New Books in Labor History

January’s Free E-book: Between Fitness and Death by Stefanie Hunt-Kennedy

January’s free e-book is the winner of the 2021 Outstanding Book Award from the Disability History Association! Sign up to receive your copy of Between Fitness and Death: Disability and Slavery in the Caribbean by Stefanie Hunt-Kennedy here.

Let’s Talk

Alison Syring is an acquisitions editor at the University of Illinois Press. She acquires a broad list of history titles, including labor and radical studies, disability studies, Illinois and midwestern history, Lincoln studies, and Appalachian studies, as well as religion, including Mormon studies, and digital humanities.

Click here to read an interview with her on the blog.

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